A Sweet Present for Someone Special

While shaving this morning, I looked at the calendar and groaned out loud.  Here I was just getting over my holiday season excesses, and now I come face-to-face with Valentine’s Day!


Now I can be as romantic – and amorous! – as you might imagine.  But keep in mind that I just finished a month of preparing holiday meals, parties, and getting presents and treats for the most precious people who make up my life.  And naturally the number one person in that list of notables is the little lady.  And now, just as I am congratulating myself upon having found the perfect holiday present.  Now I will get her something even more special just for Valentine’s Day.  


Because I love to make my lady happy I have decided to do something just a bit different this year.  No flowers in a vase, musical card, or box of candy.  Not even dinner at a fancy restaurant.  Instead, I am going to surprise her by getting a special treat.  I’m getting her some special treats using a Groupon for a special treat from Shari’s Berries.  They offer the best available treats and specials for Valentine’s Day.  Their chocolate-dipped strawberries will be just the dart to reach my love’s heart.


You see, my lady has two fetishes – one she loves chocolate, and second, she goes ga-ga whenever a bowl of strawberries appears in front of her.  So, this time I am going to give her a present that will touch both her buttons simultaneously.


Of course, I might consider putting out a little champagne, some oysters on the half shell, or shrimp cocktail as a possible starter.  But I will take advantage of the Groupon to get my most important friend a present of some chocolate-dipped strawberries for the day to show her how important she is to me.  And I just might add a few flowers just so she’ll have something to remember, because I know too well how quickly those berries will disappear!


So then when I am drowning amidst the tax preparation hassles that are coming I will be able to take a moment or two just and savor how much I enjoy seeing her happy.  Nothing is more satisfying than letting the person you adore truly know how much you care for them.  And a great way to show it is to express your feeling using the tastiest morsels you can find.  For those chocolate-dipped strawberries represent to me her heart filled with gold.  


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