Business Cards Still Matter even in Today’s Digital World

Before the fast developments in digital business resources, business cards were a practical way of sharing business information with other people. Today, different digital resources facilitate easier sharing of business ideas and information and allow consumers to stay connected with countless companies on a global scale.

The emergence of hand-held devices such as tablets, smartphones, and more has made the sharing of information instantaneous. To some people, this ability to share information at a global scale appears to nullify the need to exchange and carry business cards. However, that a well-crafted business card remains to be an indispensable tool in networking and developing strong relationships with existing customers and prospects. Here is why.

1. Establish a real connect at the point of contact with your customers

A business card is the first and important tangible impression of your company and remains a standard when it comes to business networking. Exchanging business cards is still more professional and powerful than sending email campaigns or exchanging information via tablets and smartphones.

While emails can easily get lost in spam, unintentionally deleted, or forgotten, business cards are tactile and concrete – they stay in the pocket, wallet, hands, or purse of your new contact. Besides, they ate the quickest and most effective way of exchanging business information and acceptable in all business settings. This eliminates the possibility of any unprofessional appearance.

2. Brand and style

An excellently-designed business card communicates your company’s brand and style instantly. This creates a chance to share your brand message instantly. Combining unique design elements and cutting-edge business cards printing techniques, you can successfully draw attention and make your cards recipients take note of your brand message.

It’s beyond any reasonable doubt that the old, cheaply printed cards are a thing of the past. To keep up with popular digital platforms for sharing business information, it’s recommended to create high-quality business cards with distinct styles, well-thought-out language, right paperweight, and different stunning finishes.

3. Creative business cards are shared – a networking opportunity

Your business card is a physical item that existing customers and prospects leave the counter with. That means your brand stays with them as long as they continue to keep the card. Today, if you meet a prospect and exchange business emails addresses and probably phone numbers, each of you will simply walk away with an extra contact on your hand-held devices, and everything might end there.

However, if you hand creative business cards to customers, the chances are that they will these impressive cards to their colleagues, friends and relieves. That puts your brand in front of extra prospects.

Bottom line

Business cards have always been an important piece of business collateral regardless of the digital evolution witnessed in the business networking industry. These cards make a strong first impression and are the first step in introducing a specific brand to its new contacts. They are a tangible source of your company’s information and carry more weight than contact shares via smartphones and emails.



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