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As soon as you arrive on Ashdale Island, you will be greeted by Gudrik. It is advisable to complete the entire tutorial, which will quickly introduce you to the game’s interface, and explain the main concepts of RuneScape. To spoil anything, you can overpower a necromancer and steal her hat.Read on to discover a practical guide for your first days at stake, and beyond.

Take yourmarks

For starters, you will need to know how to orient yourself.

And this is where the mini-map turns out to be the best friend of any adventurer. In addition to showing you the area around you, it offers two essential functions:

This teleportation spell allows you to return to any magnetite (magnetites being stone pedestals present in most major cities) that you have visited and activated. That said, this spell does not work during combat. If you need to win the osrs gold in exchange for the coins then you will have to keep winning.

Guide system andchallenges

If you need a little help, then the guide system is for you. The guide will show you content based on your category choices: quests, combat, and non-combat skills.

  • Click the Compass menu icon and select the Guide tab to begin.
  • Daily challenges are another great way to start improving your skill levels and learn more about the wide range of content RuneScape offers. These challenges can often be accomplished in about twenty minutes, and will bring you a nice amount of XP.
  • So go talk to Fara, the mistress of challenges in Burthorpe to find out more.


RuneScape gives you infinite freedom, and that’s one of its advantages. You can become a fearless adventurer, a powerful warrior, a master craftsman or all three at once. Do you master the free version of the game? Why not subscribe to discover all that RuneScape has to offer?


The quests are the biggest pride of RuneScape. No simple wild boar hunt here: each of our quests is a carefully crafted piece of history, with a distinctive sense of humor and tantalizing rewards to get started, open your quest log by clicking on the compass icon and then on the Quests tab.

Analysis of the Objective and to act properly

The majority of players on the ladder simply copied someone else’s deck without really knowing how it works. This lack of knowledge can lead to poor results when climbing up the rankings.

  • For this reason, it is highly recommended to analyze each encounter and come to your own conclusions about used bridges.

For example, if you play against Raptor or Linza – two legends that rely heavily on their weapons and shields – then it is recommended to add spells to destroy their weapons and shields to your deck.

In many cases, Ariane may be the best way for these legends, with spells such as the Explosion of the Earth and the Earth’s Wave. These can easily eliminate the defense, and to avoid that to get a big advantage in the encounter.



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