Rapid Parcel – Why is it sensible to use a courier

When it comes to sending a parcel, people will generally look for a speedy service along with a safe and secure delivery. If the Royal Mail is not your preferred option then choosing a professional courier company is fast becoming the way to dispatch goods. Here are a few benefits of going down this route: 

sensible to use a courierReliability

Due to the nature of the business, courier services are in competition with each other to provide the best facility. In this sense, it is in their best interest to achieve a dependable and trustworthy service – this gives more reassurance to customers that their package will arrive on time. For businesses that depend upon regular distribution of goods, a courier will guarantee a professional service to clients and you could potentially set up a recurring contract to have collections every day from the same driver who will know your company and your deliveries.


Professional couriers should all provide a secure delivery service. This means that your item will be cared for throughout all the stages of transit and presented to the recipient in pristine condition. They will often use special containers in their vans and also courier-friendly vehicles and sorting centres as to protect the goods from any potential damage or adverse weather conditions. However, you should ensure you have done everything possible to package and wrap the parcel carefully at your end as well.

Time Efficient

Perhaps the main advantage for using a courier service is the time and hassle it will save you. Collection services mean that you don’t need to leave your home or workplace to make constant deliveries. For a busy company, this allows employees to concentrate on their work rather than making constant trips away to the post office. Many online warehouse stores will not be able to operate successfully without the help of a courier service in this respect.

Tracking Services

An extremely useful feature with the majority of modern-day couriers is an online tracking service; the Rapid Parcel service includes real-time updates. Tracking technology allows you to keep updated with the progression of your parcel from start to finish. You can provide this information to your client so that they know exactly when their package will arrive themselves, thus averting countless emails from customers enquiring where an order is.


Buyers will look for a speedy delivery when they come to make an online purchase. For your company to attract more interest in your products, a courier will more often than not provide this quick service. They will employ numerous members of staff with the sole intention of moving packages to various locations; the local post office may not have this capacity and be constrained by local restrictions also. I think of the little boy on the 80s computer game PaperBoy (watch here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lNk4-Up1aws) speeding down the street but with a little more care for your package!


Occasionally, certain problems can arrive when sending goods via mail. Couriers provide a way to protect your company from liability in case something goes wrong in transit. Utilising their insurance policies will give you peace of mind when the package is out of your hands. Remember to wrap-up the goods carefully to make sure any insurance policy is not declared void however.

If you are part of a company who regularly send off items, or simply wish to make a personal delivery, then using a courier saves you time, hassle and money along with providing a secure delivery service. Remember to read the courier’s policy before paying for their services to ensure a smooth transaction.

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