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There are many uses for eclectic and interesting packaging of products.  Most often, it is the efficiency and necessity that begins the use of basic packaging, but sometimes there is also an aspect of trying to create an eye catching product in the grocery store aisle which leads to new and dynamic designs.  Among all the product packaging in the store, packaging has to be very different in order to grab customers’ attention and not allow them to blend in with all other products in the store. There are a lot of companies that are using interesting and new designs to make their products more appealing or efficient to consumers. You may be familiar with a few, but maybe not as familiar with the purpose of their changes. 

Eye-Catching Product Evian Water

Evian recently introduced a new plastic bottle to be sold in the United States.  The new design is sleeker and is more closely aligned to the values that Evian wants their company to represent. In this case, the plastic packaging was used to attract attention when placed among all other similar products. Sometimes new packaging is selected as an update to something that is no longer as competitive in the market place.  This was the motivation behind Evian’s new look. They had maintained the same look for much longer than the rest of their competitors. 

Deer Park

Deer Park’s smaller bottles show us a prime example of a design addition for efficiency purposes.  They started selling smaller water bottles that are the perfect travel-size and also a great size for children.  The regular bottles, carrying 16.9 fluid ounces, are a very convenient size, but may not be ideal for child’s lunch box.  A few years ago, Deer Park introduced their 8 ounce bottles which are the ideal size for children. It ensures that the water in that smaller bottle will be finished and nothing will go to waste if it does not have to be.  


In the early part of 2013, Gatorade announced they would be releasing a new bottle which would get away from their former design.  Their goal was to create a lighter bottle with a better grip that would be easier for athletes to grab during games or practices.  The new label on the bottle no longer allows liquid to drip from the bottle. All these changes were approved by professional athletes after they explained what their main concerns were with the previous bottle design.  This packaging was again an example of improving the efficiency of the packaging. 

Absolut Vodka

Although Absolut Vodka has not altered the shape of their highly recognizable bottle for years, they have started making their bottles stand out with bright colors and artistic designs. This use makes them pop out among all the other bottles next to them on the store shelves.  Oftentimes, people may select an item based solely on the design of the product’s packaging.  Absolut has appealed to customer’s visual senses with their interesting and outstanding bottles.  While the classic clear and plain glass bottle appeals to those who have been longtime purchasers of the vodka, the new and bright designs that Absolut has adopted, really reach out to a newer, younger group of consumers who may be looking for something new and exciting.

There are multiple uses and motivations behind unique packaging.  New ideas are constantly being presented and new shapes, sizes, and colors of packaging are always being introduced to customers.  Consumers will always have the option to buy what appeals to them.  While it may be difficult sometimes to keep track of all the different types of packaging and new changes to them, it is fascinating to see all the work and planning that go into the reasoning for new and interesting packaging designs.

Written by Max Podell of Online Bottles.

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