A New Fridge and Other Things…

It’s always wonderful moving into a brand new house and buying all the furniture and the electrical appliances at the same time. It is so much fun searching out the best buys and watching the delivery men bringing your new home to life. When you finally move in everything is new and beautiful and it all works.

Ten years down the line, it’s a different story. You have probably had a couple of kids, or more and the ups and downs of family life will have taken their toll on your home. Your lovely sofa has been jumped on, scratched to pieces by the cat and had numerous spills from food and drink. The rug has a red wine stain on it and someone that came one Christmas burnt a hole in the curtain with a cigarette.

Your gorgeous kitchen is looking a bit worn out too. The worktop could do with renewing because only you can be bothered to use a chopping board, the top drawer handle keeps falling off and The fridge has already broken down once before and been repaired.

As for the bed, well as your children have used it as a trampoline for years it’s now lumpy, lopsided and very uncomfortable. It doesn’t help that the weight crept on over the years and you both aren’t quite the skinny things you once were.

That’s the problem with buying everything at once. It all starts to need attention at the same time too. So whilst you might have saved enough money for a nice new mattress, the dishwasher has given up the ghost and you just know that soon you’re going to be looking for a new fridge too.

If something essential like the fridge breaks down you will need to replace it immediately. If you need some extra cash in a hurry, get online and have a look at the Payday Loan site Wonga – All you have to do is fill in a quick online form, there’s no interviews or telephones calls to endure. They will tell you immediately if your loan application has been approved and the money can be in your bank as quickly as 15 minutes.

Now you’ve got the cash you can start looking for a new fridge. First of all, are you putting your new fridge in the same place as the old one, and do you have enough space to get a bigger one? You might want to consider getting one with a freezer on top, so that you can keep the weekly frozen food in that fridge, which will safe you going into the garage or the basement every time you need something from the freezer.

Then there are the different features to consider. You can buy one with a water and ice dispenser, which is great in the summer months. Spill proof and adjustable shelves, make cleaning much easier. A fast cooling programme and an alarm that lets you know you’ve left the door open are two more very useful things to have.

Once you’ve made up your mind and your new fridge is installed, you can pay back the Wonga loan (on time or fear their late fees!) and start thinking about a new kitchen.

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