Buy Flags Online and Choose the Best Flag for You

When you buy flags or a flag, there are many things to consider. Appearance, fabric, and climate all play a part in how well your flag flies and looks – and in how long it will last.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when you are looking to buy flags online.

In general, there are three materials used in flag construction. These materials are cotton, nylon, and polyester. Basically, all outdoor flags can hang indoors. For indoor use, consider using cotton or heavyweight nylon. Cotton has a more “natural look” and is best suited for indoor use. However, cotton flags “fill out” nicely outdoors and give off that classic look of a flag blowing in the breeze. Avoid keeping a cotton flag outside for long periods of time – especially in wet weather. If it gets wet, dry it immediately as the fibre can damage easily and start to fray. Never place a cotton flag in a dryer, but instead dry it out on a clothesline or drying rack and make sure it is flat and let it drip-dry. Compared to nylon, cotton won’t last as long.

Nylon is a tougher and sturdier material than cotton and lasts longer than cotton. Nylon has a shinier look that captures and reflects the sun and it also flutters effortlessly in low winds. Since it’s lightweight, a nylon flag will dry out quickly. Nylon is the most popular of flags because it is the most economic and versatile. It can withstand heavy elements for periods of time, but if you are looking for an outdoor flag that withstands bad weather, high winds, and rain go with polyester.

Polyester is the heaviest, toughest, and most durable of the three materials and makes an excellent year-round flag to fly outdoors. Polyester is closer to looks in cotton and won’t have the “shine” of nylon. It also won’t flutter in the breeze as well as cotton or nylon but it can last for years.

Confused? Cotton is best for indoors and many consider it to have the finest look and it can withstand limited use outdoors. Nylon is the most affordable and the most versatile because it lends itself to both outside and inside use. Polyester is the toughest material and it’s used outdoors, but because of its heaviness it will not flutter in the breeze as easily as nylon. There are large amounts of websites where you can buy flags online and also find out more information on the flag that is best for you.

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