Google\’s new way to reduce costs: core team lays off 200 people, moves some jobs to India and Mexico

Google parent Alphabet has been cutting staff since early last year

Google parent company Alphabet has been cutting staff since the beginning of last year.
The core team in this reorganization is responsible for building the technical foundation of the company\’s flagship products and protecting users\’ information security.
According to reports, Google had laid off at least 200 employees from its core units before announcing its earnings at the end of last month, and planned to transfer some jobs to India and Mexico.
According to the Google website, the core unit is responsible for building the technical foundation of the company’s flagship products and protecting users’ information security.
The core team includes information technology, Python development team, technical infrastructure, security foundation, application platform, core developers, and various engineering roles.
According to Google documents, at least 50 engineering positions have been eliminated at the company\’s Sunnyvale, California, office. Many core units will be hiring for corresponding roles in Mexico and India.
Asim Husain, Google\’s vice president of developer ecosystem, announced the layoffs via email to his team last week.
He also spoke at a staff meeting, saying this was his team\’s biggest layoff plan this year.
He wrote in the email: We intend to maintain our current global business scope while also expanding in locations with higher workforce growth so that we can be closer to our partners and developer communities.
Google parent company Alphabet has been cutting staff since the beginning of last year. At that time, the company announced plans to cut about 12,000 jobs, or 6% of its total workforce, mainly due to the downturn in the online advertising market.
Even with the recent rebound in its digital advertising business, Alphabet has continued to cut jobs this year.
Alphabet Chief Financial Officer Ruth Porat announced in mid-April that the company\’s financial department would be reorganized, which would involve layoffs and relocation of some positions to Bangalore, India, and Mexico City, the capital of Mexico.
Prabhakar Raghavan, the company\’s head of search, told employees at an all-hands meeting in March that Google planned to build teams closer to users in key markets such as India and Brazil, where labor costs are lower than in the United States.
It is understood that the core team is the key to Google\’s creation of development tools. And Google is streamlining development tools to add more artificial intelligence functions to its products.
Alphabet is preparing for Google I/O, its annual developer conference on May 14. This is where the company typically reveals new products and tools it has been developing over the past year.
Hussain said in a memo explaining the developer changes that generative AI is at an inflection point. Recent advances in generative AI in the industry, including Google\’s Gemini, are changing the nature of software development as we know it.
Cuts to the core team also include the governance and protecting data groups, which will be at the center of regulatory challenges facing the company, especially as global lawmakers increasingly focus on the development of AI.
In a separate email, Google\’s VP of Security Engineering Pankaj Rohatgi told his team that in order to optimize our business goals, we are expanding our efforts to other locations. This will result in some roles being cut or scheduled to be cut.
Google A shares closed up 1.68% on Thursday at $166.62.
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