Gamesa, the wind power unit of Siemens Energy, will lay off employees, restructure and replace its CEO

Gelonghui, May 8 | Siemens Energy announced on May 7 that its wind power unit Gamesa will lay off employees and launch a comprehensive restructuring

Gelonghui, May 8 | Siemens Energy announced on May 7 that its wind power unit Gamesa will lay off employees and launch a comprehensive restructuring.
Gamesa aims to break even by 2026 and achieve double-digit operating profit margins.
Gamesa will be integrated into the group’s management structure.
Siemens Gamesa will mainly focus on the European and American markets in the future.
Siemens Energy did not specify the number of layoffs.
In addition, Gamesa will also change its CEO. Vinod Philip, currently responsible for Siemens Energy IT, Procurement and Innovation, will replace Jochen Eickholt.
Eickholt, 62, will step down on July 31.

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