Tesla chairman complains: I’m not Musk’s nanny, I really wish Twitter didn’t exist

Tesla Chairman Robyn Denholm said in a recent interview that she is used to waking up to unexpected tweets from CEO Elon Musk

Tesla Chairman Robyn Denholm said in a recent interview that she is used to seeing unexpected tweets from the company\’s CEO Elon Musk as soon as she wakes up.
\”If I had a magic wand, Twitter wouldn\’t exist,\” she joked in the interview.
Musk\’s provocative posts on the social media site he acquired in 2022 and later renamed
In January, the billionaire wrote on the platform that Tesla would take immediate action to re-register to vote in Texas.
Previously, a Delaware court ruled that Tesla\’s record $56 billion compensation package for Musk was invalid.
That puts the company\’s board of directors in a tricky position.
It must follow proper procedures. Set up an independent committee to analyze potential moves.
While they ultimately came to the same conclusion, Musk\’s preemptive tweets made it harder for them to refute the court\’s finding that they were lazy servants of an arrogant master.
Will we have difficult conversations about tweets? Of course. Denholm said in the interview.
But she said. He\’s a contrarian. You can\’t be a contrarian part of the time. So as a board, you have to work with that… I might wake up in the morning and read a tweet that I didn\’t expect. arts.
But I\’m not going to wake up to a strategic shift that we haven\’t discussed.
Denholm dismissed the idea that her role required her to be Musk\’s nanny, saying his actions were outside the scope of her authority.
She said: To me, the role of the chairman is really to ensure that the board has a good relationship with the CEO and the executive team.
We\’re there on behalf of shareholders. To make sure management is doing their job. Their job is primarily to increase shareholder value over time.
Musk has publicly admitted to taking ketamine and smoking marijuana in interviews. His drug use has sparked controversy.
But Denholm said media reports that Musk also took LSD, cocaine, ecstasy and psychedelic mushrooms at the party, as well as reports that Tesla board members were privately concerned, are absolute bullshit… I work for this company Been 10 years. Never seen any evidence.

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