Top 20 U.S. stocks by trading volume on June 17: Musk said Tesla’s market value could reach US$30 trillion

On Monday, Nvidia, which ranked first in U.S. stock market turnover, closed down 0.68%, with a turnover of US$37.558 billion.

Special topic: A-share market recovery is expected to continue, and value style may continue to outperform growth. On Monday, NVIDIA, the No. 1 U.S. stock market by trading volume, closed down 0.68%, with a turnover of US$37.558 billion.
According to reports, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear Nvidia’s shareholder lawsuit involving cryptocurrency mining revenue. This decision may have a significant impact on future securities fraud lawsuits.
Shareholders allege that Nvidia misled the market during 2017 and 2018, concealing the fact that the company\’s GeForce GPU product sales growth mainly relied on cryptocurrency mining demand.
Nvidia shares fell sharply after cryptocurrency market dips.
Nvidia argued that shareholders failed to provide sufficient internal evidence to prove its misleading behavior.
If the Supreme Court rules in favor of Nvidia, it will provide the company with a new legal basis for early dismissal of shareholder lawsuits.
No. 2 Tesla closed up 5.3%, with a transaction volume of US$20.189 billion.
Tesla CEO Musk said at the company\’s annual shareholder meeting last Thursday: When we reach mass production, Tesla can basically make about $1 trillion in profits from Optimus every year.
Analysts said that if the price-to-earnings ratio is about 20 to 25 times, this means that the valuation of Optimus\’s single business will reach 20 trillion to 25 trillion US dollars.
Musk also believes Tesla can become a $30 trillion company.
In addition, Musk said on Monday that he is working on the fourth chapter of Tesla’s grand plan (Master Plan Part 4).
The third-place Apple closed up 1.97%, hitting a record high. The transaction volume was US$20.171 billion, and the market value reached US$3.322436 billion.
According to media reports on Monday, Apple is planning to develop thinner models for the upcoming iPhone 17 series.
Well-known Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo published an article saying that the Apple Watch Series 10 launched by Apple in the second half of the year will have an appearance upgrade, including a larger screen size (from 45mm/41mm to about 49mm/45mm) and a thinner screen.
In addition, the specifications of the Apple Watch Ultra model have not changed significantly. If the production yield can meet expectations, a new case color option (black/dark) may be added.
The European Union is about to announce the results of the Digital Markets Act (DMA) investigation launched in March this year before the summer vacation. Apple is expected to become the first technology giant to be charged by the EU antitrust agency for violating the DMA Act.
According to the latest estimates from financial media, Apple\’s fine may be calculated at 5% of daily turnover. Apple\’s daily turnover is approximately US$1 billion. This means that the company needs to pay a daily fine of US$50 million.
No. 4 Broadcom closed up 5.41%, with a transaction volume of US$15.176 billion.
After Broadcom announced Q2 results that exceeded expectations and announced a 1-for-10 stock split plan, many major banks raised their target prices.
Citigroup raised Broadcom\’s target price from US$1,560 to US$1,750 and reiterated a buy rating. It expects that driven by the synergies brought about by AI development and the acquisition of VMware, the market\’s performance expectations for Broadcom will continue to rise.
Jefferies believes that the cyclical adjustment performance of most of Broadcom\’s businesses is improving. It is expected to benefit from the continued development of the AI ​​industry and the cyclical recovery of other industries. It raised the target price from US$1,550 to US$2,050. It rated it a buy.
No. 5 Microsoft closed up 1.31%, hitting a record high. Transaction volume was US$9.043 billion, with a market value of US$3,332.423 billion.
Wedbush raised Microsoft\’s target price to $550 from $500 and maintained an outperform rating. It said artificial intelligence will change the cloud growth trajectory.
No. 6 Super Micro Computer closed up 5.08%, with a transaction volume of US$7.809 billion.
No. 9 Meta Platforms closed up 0.49%, with a transaction volume of US$5.676 billion.
According to reports, Meta Platforms CEO Zuckerberg is planning to streamline the company by reducing the number of vice president positions.
A person familiar with the matter revealed that the number of Meta\’s vice presidents reached a peak last year, reaching about 300, an increase from 180 in previous years.
No. 10 Dell closed up 5.22%, with a transaction volume of US$3.759 billion.
Morgan Stanley maintains an overweight rating on Dell stock with a target price of $155.
No. 12 Micron closed up 4.58%. The stock price hit a record high. The transaction volume was US$3.457 billion.
At least two brokerages upgraded their ratings on the stock.
No. 14 TSMC closed up 2.74%. The stock price hit a record high. The transaction volume was US$3.272 billion.
A new round of price increases for TSMC semiconductors may be about to begin.
According to media reports on Monday, TSMC’s 3nm foundry quotation may increase by more than 5%. The annual quotation increase for advanced packaging next year will be 10%-20%.
At the shareholders\’ meeting on June 4, Wei Zhejia, the new chairman who has just taken full control of TSMC, made it clear that he has plans to increase prices.
No. 16 Qualcomm closed up 3.2%, with a transaction volume of US$2.562 billion.
The 19th-ranked GameStop closed down 12.13%, with a transaction volume of US$2.347 billion.
GameStop Chief Executive Ryan Cohen said the troubled video game retailer will focus on cost cutting and long-term profitability at its annual shareholder meeting on Monday.
Cohen added that this would involve a smaller network of stores, hinting that more stores could be closed, but he did not immediately provide further details on the cuts.
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