How did Zhou Hongyi, who didn’t have a driver’s license, sit in a BYD and look up at the roof?

The 2024 Beijing Auto Show held a media day event today. Zhou Hongyi, founder of 360 Company, attended the event and attracted a large number of fans.

He not only stopped at multiple car booths, but also climbed on the roof of BYD\’s car to look up at it.

As a photo of the event leaked out, the joke of \”the oldest car model in the history of the Beijing Auto Show\” also spread.

So, how did Zhou Hongyi sit on the roof of the car? The answer is simple: climbed up… In addition, it should be noted that Zhou Hongyi cannot drive and does not have a driver\’s license.

At today\’s auto show, Zhou Hongyi visited the show via live broadcast.

According to reports sent back by Blue Whale News reporters on the spot, at the NIO booth, Zhou Hongyi had a conversation with NIO founder Li Bin and Ningde Times founder Zeng Yuqun.

When Zhou Hongyi introduced Zeng Yuqun of Ningde Times, he said: \”Everyone in the automotive industry is becoming an Internet celebrity. Zeng is very low-key. He is a low-key boss.

When I heard about it today, I realized that there are so many of him and so few people know about such a good idea.

If we cooperate, the safety of the car will be entrusted to CATL, and we will complement each other.\”

Li Bin on the side laughed and said, \”I am still building cars honestly.\”

Previously, Zhou Hongyi had publicly announced that he would replace his Maybach and prepare to buy a new car.

This triggered many car companies to send their flagship models to the downstairs of 360 Company for Zhou Hongyi to experience, including Wenjie M9, Warrior 917, Ideal MEGA, Looking Up U9, Ji Krypton 009, Star Era ET, Lantu Dreamer… ..etc. Due to the large number and the fact that 360 Company is located in the Jiuxianqiao area of ​​Beijing, netizens ridiculed this matter as the \”Jiuxianqiao Auto Show\”.

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