Alibaba Cloud announced that the EMO model has been launched on Tongyi APP and is open for trial.

Sina Technology News On the afternoon of April 25, Sina Technology learned that EMO, the AI ​​model developed by Tongyi Laboratory, was launched on Tongyi App and is open to all users for free use.

Open the Tongyi APP, enter the \”National Stage\” channel, and then go to the EMO product page \”National Singing\”.

Choose a template from songs, memes, and emoticons, upload a portrait photo, and EMO will instantly create a video.

According to reports, Tongyi APP has launched the first batch of more than 80 EMO templates, including popular songs \”Shangchunshan\”, \”Wild Wolf Disco\”, etc., and Internet hot memes \”Bobo Chicken\” and \”Backhand Digging\”, etc.

Currently, Tongyi APP does not allow user-defined audio, and users can only choose the audio preset by the APP to generate videos.

(Wen Meng)

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