JP Morgan Asia Pacific CEO: Will invest in China in the next 100 years

Sjoerd Leenart, CEO of JP Morgan Asia Pacific, said on Thursday that China is too big to be marginalized and investors must do business there.

Special Topic: JPMorgan Chase’s 20th Global China Summit JPMorgan Chase Asia Pacific CEO Sjoerd Leenart said on Thursday that China is too big and cannot be marginalized. Investors must do business there.
At the 20th J.P. Morgan Global China Summit in Shanghai, Leenart said in an interview that international companies are still investing in China. This is a very important place.
Based on purchasing power parity, China currently accounts for 19% of global GDP and 48% of Asia’s GDP.
\”You can\’t ignore it. You have to do business there. Even if you don\’t do business there, you need to understand what\’s going on,\” Leenart said, adding that what happens in China affects every industry in the world.
Given that China\’s ties to the region are so extensive, Leenart emphasized that if you want to have a booming investment banking business, you must have good activity in China.
\”If China doesn\’t work, Asia\’s banking industry will never be able to work at full speed,\” he said.
Leenart said: I think (China) has a lot to sell to the world. There is a need for this product all over the world, adding that he sees a lot of opportunities in China.
We have been here for 103 years.
So we take a long-term view of China. We will still be here in the next 100 years.

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