Retail investors took the lead in investing in GameStop, which once rose 110% before the market opened.

The stock price of video game retailer GameStop surged again, rising 110% before the market opened.

Check the latest market conditions Video game retailer GameStop\’s stock price rose sharply again. It rose 110% before the market opened.
As of press time, the current pre-market increase is close to 70%.
The reason is that Roaring Kitty, a well-known social media personality, revealed that he holds a large amount of GameStop common stock and call options.
The real name of Roaring Kitten is Keith Gill. He is known as the leading brother of American retail investors. He once promoted retail investors to fight Wall Street in 2021 and won.
About three years ago, he said goodbye to social media and faded from people\’s sight.
But in the middle of last month, he reappeared and posted a picture on social platform X.
This is also his first post on X since mid-2021.
This move stimulated GameStop\’s stock price to soar nearly 40%.
Earlier today, Gill posted another screenshot showing that his portfolio may hold a large amount of GameStop common stock and call options.
An account snapshot posted on the social platform Reddit\’s r/SuperStonk forum shows that Gill holds 5 million GameStop shares based on Friday\’s closing price, worth $115.7 million.
The account also shows that he also holds 120,000 GameStop call options with a strike price of $20.
The options expire on June 21. The purchase price is approximately $5.68 per share.
Last Friday, GameStop\’s stock price closed at $23.14 per share.
Around the same time on Sunday night, Jill posted a photo of a mysterious reversed card on X. It quickly racked up tens of thousands of likes.
On Sunday night, GameStop\’s stock price rose more than 19% in Robinhood\’s 24-hour trading.
In today’s pre-market trading, GameStop’s share price soared 90%.
Last month, GameStop took advantage of the surge in stock prices and sold 45 million shares, raising approximately US$933 million.

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