A female technician from the eastern suburbs \”seduces\” her and adds extra time? Customer service response: The cooperative relationship cannot be forced.

Special topic: Is \”big health care\” going to be launched too? 20,000 door-to-door massage technicians supported Dongjiao Daojia\’s IPO. Related reports: \”If you don\’t control it, it\’s a violation of the law!\” A man said that he was \”seduced and extra-charged\” by the technician when he made an appointment for massage. Dongjiao Daojia responded. According to media reports, there were consumer complaints [ Download the Black Cat Complaint Client] claimed that he made an appointment for a Chinese massage on the Dongjiao Daojia platform, and the female technician suddenly lay on top of him, touched his private parts extensively, and asked for an extra hour.

In this regard, on April 25, Dongjiao Daojia customer service stated that the company has paid attention to this matter and has currently reported it to relevant departments to verify the authenticity of the video taken by the consumer. “After verification, no matter which party it is from, Those involved will be dealt with and held responsible for legal liability.

Another customer service representative from Dongjiao Daojia said that the platform “does not allow any technician to provide special project services to customers for any reason.”

\”The customer service responded that the technician and the platform are in a cooperative relationship. \”The platform can only try its best to supervise and handle the technician\’s personal behavior, but it cannot force it.

Technicians who do violate regulations will also be punished.


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