AutoNavi launches Good Taxi 3.0 Wang Guixin, President of AutoNavi Taxi Hailing: Ecological win-win is the ultimate goal of the new business format

Sina Technology News On the evening of April 25, at today’s seminar on the integrated development of new and old taxi formats, AutoNavi released the “Good Taxi 3.0” patrol network integration solution. Win-win business model and technology-driven service guarantee promote the sustainable development of patrol network integration.

Wang Guixin, CEO of AutoNavi, said that technology is a booster, marketization is the power source, and ecological win-win is the ultimate goal of the new business format.

As a participant in the cruising network integration, AutoNavi hopes to help introduce and enhance more market-oriented elements and help the cruising taxi industry rejuvenate.

Since its launch in November 2020, AutoNavi\’s \”Good Rental\” patrol network integration solution has gone through two iterations.

In the 1.0 era, Good Taxi helped Tour Taxi complete the construction of digital basic capabilities; in the 2.0 era, Good Taxi focused on service capabilities and helped the industry in four aspects: operational efficiency, service quality, employee services, and inclusive capabilities. Achieve service capability upgrades.

Up to now, AutoNavi has reached cooperation with industry authorities, associations, and enterprises in more than 360 cities to jointly build patrol network integration platforms.

It has served more than 1.7 million drivers, helping drivers’ online income increase by 46% and passenger satisfaction increasing by 76%.

In recent years, the integrated development of patrol and network has entered a new stage. Many provinces and regions across the country, including Zhejiang Province, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, and Henan Province, have introduced policies to trial cruise buses to collect customers through online reservations. They can be priced according to online reservation rules to strengthen marketization. Adjustment to promote the sustainable development of patrol network integration.

Good Rental 3.0 is also committed to promoting the market vitality of patrol network integration and promoting sustainable development through price adjustment capabilities that match supply and demand, a win-win business model for all parties, and technology-driven service guarantees.

Based on the principle of matching supply and demand, taxi companies can flexibly adjust prices for online booking orders based on spatial dimensions such as stations and business districts and time dimensions such as peak periods and holidays, thereby increasing the overall order volume and income of drivers.

Based on the good rental 3.0 solution, AutoNavi has recently reached cooperation with many places to jointly promote the pilot network integration.

Data shows that after taxi companies use AI dynamic price adjustment models to flexibly adjust prices for online reservation orders, drivers\’ overall order volume increases by 20%, taxi hailing success rates increase by 18% during peak periods, and drivers earn more per order on average. 11%, and the number of high-value orders received by drivers during off-peak periods increased by 13%.

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