What does GPT4o mean? OpenAI plus Apple, AI mobile phones are unstoppable!

What does GPT 4o mean? OpenAI plus Apple, AI mobile phones are unstoppable! Hard AI Jim Fan, senior research scientist at NVIDIA: This may become an AI product with 1 billion users from the beginning. OpenAI is to Apple similar to FSD for smartphones

Can ChatGPT help Siri? At 10 am local time on May 13th, OpenAI released an iterative version of GPT-4 – GPT-4o at the spring conference.
It is reported that GPT-4o is twice as fast as the previous generation. It is also more user-friendly: voice arousal, real-time dialogue, no registration required, and free use.
OpenAI stated that GPT-4o and its text and image capabilities will begin to be rolled out to APIs and users starting today. Voice and video capabilities will be launched soon.
From the perspective of positioning, the new flagship version GPT-4o seems to be challenging Siri.
In fact, this is not the case.
Just before, media reports revealed that Apple has reached an agreement with OpenAI to introduce ChatGPT technology in the new operating system iOS 18 to upgrade Siri’s conversation experience.
This makes people wonder. How will GPT-4o and Siri be combined? How will ChatGPT and Apple define the new generation of AI mobile phones? Where is the GPT-4o upgrade? 1) Media integration capability: GPT-4o has the capabilities of text, pictures, videos, and audio at the same time. That is, it can accept input in any form of text, audio, etc. and their combinations, and generate answers in the same media form.
2) Faster speed: GPT-4o is 5 times faster than the previous generation. Voice delay is greatly improved. It can respond to audio input within 232 milliseconds. The average is 320 milliseconds. Close to the reaction time of human dialogue.
This means that users can have real-time conversations with GPT-4o, or even directly make video calls to have him answer various questions online.
3) Free and open: Although the price war is still blowing to the AI ​​industry, OpenAI obviously does not buy it – the press conference will start from now on. GPT-4o will be released to all paid and free users of ChatGPT. All other restrictions will be cancelled. API prices will be reduced. 50%.
As mentioned in the press conference, the o in GPT-4o stands for omni, which means omnipotent. Judging from the current function updates, the new GPT-4o with full-stack optimization has truly become an AI real-time voice assistant. Its performance far exceeds Siri.
In the demonstration, GPT-4o also showed small functions beyond the publicity points. But the degree of surprise is no less than the former: it can translate and recognize expressions in real time. It can recognize the screen through the camera and write code to analyze charts.
How will Apple + OpenAI define AI phones? Because the next-generation iPhone operating system plans to release new features based on LLM (Large Language Model), Apple is looking for third-party partners. Negotiating partners include Google and OpenAI.
For now, it seems that Apple and OpenAI have a higher degree of compatibility.
Some analysts pointed out that the cooperation between Apple and OpenAI can solve each other\’s pain points in developing edge AI. Each can truly get what it needs – What does OpenAI need most? Device-side application permissions and system-level permissions are only provided by Apple.
What does Apple need most? The best AI technology. The most suitable large language model. GPT-4o is undoubtedly the best candidate.
Moreover, Apple has unique advantages in self-developed chips and closed ecosystem.
As NVIDIA senior research scientist Jim Fan commented on the X platform: Whoever wins Apple first wins.
I think there will be 3 levels of integration with iOS: 1) Ditch Siri.
OpenAI refines a smaller, device-only version of GPT-4o for iOS, with the option to pay for an upgrade to use the cloud.
2) Transfer the camera or screen to a native function in the model.
Chip-level support for neural audio/video codecs.
3) Integrate iOS system operation API and smart home API.
It\’s time for Siri Shortcuts to be resurrected.
This could become an AI product with 1 billion users from the start. OpenAI is to Apple what FSD is to smartphones.
Looking further ahead. What new growth story can ChatGPT create by introducing iPhone? Wedbush analyst Dan Ives said in a report on Monday: Embedding the OpenAI chat box in iPhone 16 will also open up new avenues for growth. This will allow important developers to flood into the Apple ecosystem along with the Microsoft developer ecosystem.
Essentially, a close partnership with OpenAI would be a game-changer, and tying up with the world\’s largest consumer electronics brand would be a no-brainer for Microsoft/OpenAI.
Ives predicts that Apple will officially announce its partnership with OpenAI at the WWDC conference on June 10 and launch an AI chatbot based on Apple LLM.

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