U.S. Treasuries soar as traders raise expectations for Fed rate cut

U.S. Treasury bonds rose, with 10-year yields falling to their lowest level in more than a month, after previously released data showed U.S. inflation cooled for the first time in six months in April

Special topic: The U.S. CPI rose less than expected in April. Expectations for a September interest rate cut boosted U.S. Treasury bonds. The 10-year yield fell to the lowest level in more than a month. Previously released data showed that U.S. inflation fell six times in April. The temperature dropped for the first time in months.
The 10-year Treasury bond yield once fell 10 basis points to 4.34%, the lowest since April 10.
The 2-year and 5-year Treasury yields both fell by about 8 basis points.
After the data was released, traders increased their expectations for a rate cut by the Federal Reserve.
Interest rate swaps show traders believe there is more than an 80% chance of a 25 basis point interest rate cut by the September Fed meeting.
The reason for the market’s reaction is that we didn’t get any surprises, said David Kelly, chief global strategist at J.P. Morgan Asset Management.
Overall, the situation is slowing down.

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