Crazy rising tide! Multiple stocks surged by 20%, and the A-share market suddenly became popular!

Original Securities Times Mao Jun Today, A-shares fluctuated slightly, the main board market as a whole rose slightly, and the GEM and Science and Technology Innovation Board adjusted slightly.

Affected by the fact that annual and quarterly report disclosures are coming to an end, investors are obviously less willing to trade in order to avoid performance landmines. Transactions in the two cities shrank again to 777.9 billion yuan, a new low in the past three months.

On the market, the chemical industry, titanium metal, medicine, warehousing and logistics sectors were among the top gainers, while communication equipment, media and entertainment, aviation, humanoid robots and other sectors were among the top losers.

In terms of funds, Wind real-time monitoring data shows that the basic chemical industry and pharmaceutical and biological industries both received a net inflow of more than 2 billion yuan today, while banks, power equipment, electronics, and transportation received a net inflow of more than 1 billion yuan.

The net outflow of major funds in the national defense industry and computers exceeded 1 billion yuan.

Regarding the market outlook, Chinese and foreign institutions are very optimistic.

Founder Securities believes that policies determine the direction and funds determine the height.

While market liquidity remains ample, and under the guidance of the new \”Nine National Policies\”, as the disclosure of the annual report and first quarter report comes to an end, market risk appetite has increased again, and the structure has been fully adjusted in April. In May and June The market is worth looking forward to. The market is expected to break through upward and go straight to 3,400 points under the leadership of \”mass entrepreneurship and innovation\” and the strengthening of small and medium-sized market capitalization.

Goldman Sachs said that the valuations of A-shares and Hong Kong stocks are attractive at this stage.

Benefiting from the macroeconomic performance in the first quarter, the supporting role of main funds in the stock market, and the better-than-expected financial performance of listed companies in the fourth quarter, international investors\’ sentiment and risk appetite for Chinese stocks have improved.

As the cash dividends, stock buybacks, corporate governance, domestic and foreign institutions and long-term capital participation levels of listed companies continue to align with mature international markets, the A-share market may have an upward potential of about 20% or even 40%.

In terms of hot topics, pharmaceutical stocks overall strengthened, with the concept of weight-loss drugs leading the gains. The sector index opened higher and rose 2.16% on heavy volume, rising for the fourth consecutive day.

Changshan Pharmaceutical opened at a price of only 1 cent lower than the daily limit, and quickly closed the market at 20cm. Haofan Biotechnology, Orient, etc. also showed abnormal movements and upward trends in the market.

Yesterday evening, Changshan Pharmaceutical announced that the marketing authorization application for ebenatide injection submitted by the company\’s controlled subsidiary Changshan Kaijiejian was accepted by the State Food and Drug Administration.

The proposed indication is to improve glycemic control in patients with type 2 diabetes.

In addition, generic drugs, vitamins, innovative drugs, assisted reproduction and other sectors are also among the top gainers, with Berry Genetics, Kanghong Pharmaceuticals, etc. reaching their daily limit.

BOCOM International pointed out that it is optimistic about the long-term development prospects of the innovative pharmaceutical industry, and will continue to promote innovative pharmaceutical companies with differentiated products, international layout, and rich data readouts during the year, which are important regulatory approval catalysts, including Kangfang Biologics and Simcere Pharmaceuticals.

Entering the second quarter, it is recommended to pay attention to the annual reports and first-quarter performance of A-share and US-share pharmaceutical companies, as well as data readouts at important academic conferences; as investment sentiment in the sector stabilizes, stock prices are expected to continue to recover.

Chemical stocks set off a rising limit trend today, with Huiyun Titanium Industry, Nanjing Julong, Renxin New Materials and other stocks rising by 20%; Asia Pacific Industrial rose by the daily limit and closed for the fourth consecutive day; Lubei Chemical, Shilong Industrial, Liu Nearly 20 stocks including China National Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. and Huifeng Co., Ltd. hit their daily limit or rose by more than 10%.

Haitong International said that since 2024, many refineries and midstream and downstream chemical factories have entered maintenance status, which will have a certain impact on the supply of related chemicals.

At the same time, as PMI continues to improve and industrial companies replenish their inventories, downstream demand for chemicals has increased.

With the joint influence of supply and demand factors, there are certain investment opportunities for pure benzene, MTBE and other chemicals.

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