Streamlining Your Business Through Waste Management

Correctly managing waste is a very important way to boost efficiency and profitability in any business. Using more resources than needed, wasting paper, not reusing items and neglecting to recycle costs your company and the environment around you. A green office is a more cost effective and productive one.

Recycling Facilities

Make sure there are convenient and practical facilities for recycling available around the office. If staff can’t see recycling bins then they won’t have time nor the inclination to seek them out. Position clearly-marked containers carefully to make sure they get as much use as possible. For the disposal of confidential documents, choose a company who will recycle all your shredded waste. Lombard Recycling provides designated bins for this purpose.

Paper Not Required

Start thinking about whether you actually need to use paper for office tasks. Many activities do not require paper when there are free and inexpensive computer programs that allow you to complete routine tasks including scheduling, reminding, note-taking and file creation. Using electronic filing saves both file and floor space and is often safer because it is so easy to create backup copies, to encrypt files and to transfer them over secure connections. If paper is absolutely necessary, why not set your photocopiers and printers to use both sides of the paper by default? Removing waste paper bins from next to the desks of individuals can make them re-think the amount of waste they are generating. If they have to make a short trip to a recycling bin, they will become more aware of the paper they use.

Target Setting

The process of reducing waste, reusing and recycling should be monitored and reported on so that everyone in the office is aware of the impact of green practices. Reports on waste management are useful for showing where the business is doing well and the areas that require improvement. Your waste management program should be adjusted regularly to optimize its positive impact.

Your Workforce

If your staff aren’t on board with the new program of waste management, then its chances of succeeding are slimmer. Staff need to be informed of why they are being asked to alter their work habits and how they can best adapt to new practices. If you make employees aware of the difference their new behaviour can make, they are much more likely to want to be involved. Introducing rewards for recycling and waste reduction achievements can be a great method for getting people motivated.

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