Bank Nifty outlook for the week

  • Index Outlook: Sensex, Nifty 50: Near-term outlook is positive

    Nifty 50, Sensex and the Nifty Bank indices are managing to sustain higher. The benchmark indices moved up last week, but gradually. The indices were up in the range of 0.4-0.75 per cent.

    stock options June 18, 2024
  • Index Outlook: Sensex, Nifty 50, Nifty Bank: Can rise within the range

    The Indian benchmark indices witnessed a strong bounce last week. Sensex, Nifty 50 and the Nifty Bank index broke their supports initially, but did not get a strong follow-through selling. The indices bounced back sharply from their lows and have closed the week on a positive note. The intra-week price action also indicates that the indices are getting strong buyers at lower levels. That leaves the outlook positive for the Sensex, Nifty and Nifty Bank index for the coming week.

    US stock market May 19, 2024