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  • Bonda Asia: U.S. dollar rebounds, oil prices fall, U.S. dollar and Canadian dollar close slightly higher

    On April 25, Quincy Krosby, chief global strategist at LPL Financial, said: “When interest rates start to climb, adjustments have to be made. \”The calculus has changed, so the question is, if interest rates stay higher for longer, will we have a problem?\” ” Recent statements from Fed Chairman Jerome Powell and other policymakers have solidified the view that interest rates will not be cut in the coming months. In fact, there is even talk of another rate hike or two in the future if inflation does not ease further. That leaves many questions: when exactly will monetary policy ease, and what impact will the central bank\’s unchanged stance have on financial markets and the economy as a whole. Krosby said some answers will soon be revealed as the current earnings season heats up. Company executives will provide key details beyond sales and profits, including the impact of interest rates on margins and consumer behavior. He said: \”If there is any indication that businesses are going to have to start cutting costs, causing problems in the job market, then that\’s…

    US stock market April 25, 2024