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  • The top ten largest holdings of public funds are exposed! Zhang Kun’s performance was “given a thumbs up” by CNOOC

    Source: Market Value Storm It’s rare to guess right once. Author | Market Value Fengyun Fund Research Department Editor | Xiaobai April every year is the intensive disclosure period for the first quarter reports of public funds. As of April 24, most funds in the market have disclosed their first quarter reports for 2024. Choice data shows that the size of the public fund market reached a new high in the first quarter, reaching 28.8 trillion yuan, a month-on-month increase of 5.6%. The scale of ETFs also continued to exceed the highest point, with the current scale reaching 2.4 trillion yuan, and the scale of non-monetary ETFs exceeded 2 trillion yuan. . The disclosure of the first quarter report can not only give us a macro feeling of the entire fund market, but we can also understand which stocks public funds prefer, what changes are in public positions, and the specific allocation of various industries through the content of the first quarter report. To this end, Fengyun Junte compiled the list of the top ten largest holdings of public funds…

    US stock market April 25, 2024