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  • Lei Jun visits Xiaopeng flying car, low-altitude economy once again attracts attention

    Sina Technology News On the afternoon of April 25, at the 2024 Beijing Auto Show, Lei Jun, founder of Xiaomi Group, went to visit Xpeng Huitian’s integrated land and air flying car, and exchanged questions about flying cars with He Xiaopeng, founder of Xpeng Motors. The audience continued Onlookers once again aroused people\’s close attention to the low-altitude economy. As urban traffic pressure continues to increase, low-altitude economy is regarded as one of the potential solutions for future urban traffic. Data shows that 63.1% of Chinese consumers expect flying cars to solve traffic congestion problems. With the comprehensive development and industrial advantages of China\’s new energy vehicle industry chain, my country has industry competitive advantages and industrial scale effects in many fields such as batteries, motors, and smart cockpits. Because of this, the field of new energy vehicles, with batteries, motors, and electronic controls as the three major components, has a certain overlap with flying cars. As an important carrier of the low-altitude economy, many companies in the transportation field, especially new energy car companies, have turned their attention to…

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