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  • The vaccine market is turbulent, and Zhifei Biotech’s “big brother” status is difficult to maintain

    For stock trading, please read Jin Qilin analyst research reports. They are authoritative, professional, timely and comprehensive, helping you to tap potential theme opportunities! Source: Financial Investment News Financial Investment News reporter Chen Yuhe After Zhifei Biotechnology (300122), the “vaccine brother”, released its 2023 annual report, its stock price continued to fall. Some market participants attributed its falling stock price to its high reliance on foreign supplies. Business is linked to the gradually revealed decline in performance. In recent years, the vaccine market has been changing. On the one hand, the once \”hot-selling\” nine-price HPV vaccine is no longer hard to find. On the other hand, various good news about the domestically produced nine-price HPV vaccine continue to spread, attracting a lot of attention. Institutions pay great attention to its listing process. Zhifei Bio\’s growth capability indicators Zhi Fei Bio\’s stock price continues to fall. The annual report shows that in 2023, Zhi Fei Bio\’s operating income was 52.918 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 38.3%; it achieved net profit attributable to the parent company of 8.07 billion yuan, a…

    US Stocks Focus April 25, 2024