Palantir fell more than 9% before opening, Q2 results guidance slightly worse than expected

Gelonghui, May 7 | Application software company Palantir (PLTR.US) fell more than 9% before the opening, to US$22.78

Gelonghui, May 7 | Application software company Palantir (PLTR.US) fell more than 9% before the market opened, closing at $22.78.
Palantir\’s first-quarter revenue was $634 million. Analysts expected $615.8 million.
Palantir slightly raised its annual revenue forecast to $2.68 billion to $2.69 billion. Analysts\’ average estimate was $2.68 billion.
The company also raised its annual adjusted operating profit forecast to $868 million to $880 million. The average analyst estimate was $846.6 million.
The company expects second-quarter revenue of US$649 million to US$653 million. Analysts expect US$653 million. Adjusted operating profit is US$209 million to US$213 million.

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