Weibo will release its first quarter 2024 financial report on May 23

Beijing, China/May 8, 2024 – Weibo Inc. (NASDAQ GS: WB; HKEX: 9898), a leading social media platform for people to create, share and discover content, is scheduled to be announced on the U.S. stock market on May 23, 2024, Eastern Time Unaudited financial report for the first quarter of 2024 released before the market opens

Special Topic: Focus on the 2024 first quarter financial report of US stocks and check the latest market conditions Beijing, China/May 8, 2024 – Weibo, a leading social media platform for people to create, share and discover content (NASDAQ GS: WB; HKEX: 9898) The unaudited financial report for the first quarter of 2024 is scheduled to be released before the U.S. stock market opens on May 23, 2024, Eastern Time.
Subsequently, the Weibo management team will hold a conference call from 7 a.m. to 8 a.m. Eastern Time on May 23, 2024 (7 p.m. to 8 p.m. Beijing time on May 23, 2024) to report on the company\’s financial and Operating conditions.
Participants need to register through the link provided below:
After registration, participants will be provided with access information and instructions via email.
At the same time, the live broadcast and recording of this conference call can be listened to on the company\’s website (
Introduction to Weibo Weibo is a leading social media platform for people to create, share and discover content online.
Weibo combines open, real-time self-expression with the platform’s powerful social interaction, content integration and distribution capabilities.
Any user can create and publish Weibo and attach multimedia or long blog content.
The relationship between users on Weibo may be asymmetrical. Each user can follow any other user, comment on any Weibo post and forward it.
The simple, asymmetric and distributed characteristics of Weibo enable original Weibo to evolve into a topic stream that spreads rapidly, involves multiple parties and is updated in real time.
Weibo can help advertising and marketing clients promote brands, products and services to users.
Weibo offers a wide range of advertising and marketing solutions to clients of all sizes.
The vast majority of the company\’s operating income comes from the sale of advertising and marketing services, including social display advertising and promotional marketing products.
Weibo is designed based on the mobile-first concept. It displays content in the form of a simple information flow and provides native advertising that is integrated with the information flow on our platform.
In order to better support mobile formats, Weibo has developed and continues to refine its social interest graph recommendation engine, allowing customers to conduct personal marketing and targeting based on users\’ demographic characteristics, social relationships, interests and behaviors. Audience. This enables customers to have higher accuracy, activity and promotion efficiency in their marketing activities on the Weibo platform. Contact: Investor Relations Department Weibo Company Telephone: +86 10 5898-3336 Email: ir@staff.

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