Tesla\’s departing executive posts criticism of Musk\’s layoffs: It shakes the company and morale

Tesla product launch chief Rich Otto resigned from the company last week

Tesla product launch chief Rich Otto resigned from the company last week.
This week, he posted on social media criticizing the massive layoffs Musk announced a few weeks ago, saying it had shaken the company and morale.
Otto wrote in a farewell post on LinkedIn on Wednesday: Great companies are made up of great employees and great products. And the latter is only possible if employees thrive.
The layoffs and subsequent culture shock threw that harmony out of balance. It\’s hard to see the long-term game.
It\’s time to make a change.
He said: This is a company I love. It has given me a lot, but it has also made me lose a lot.
Otto has worked at Tesla for 7 years. He participated in Cybertruck activities and other product launches.
Tesla\’s recent string of executive departures has rattled investors. Otto\’s departure is the latest.
At the end of April, Musk fired the entire Tesla Supercharger team, including his highest-ranking female executive.
A few days later, Tesla\’s head of human resources, Allie Arebalo, left the company.
Meanwhile, during a crucial earnings call last month, long-time vice president of investor relations Martin Viecha announced at the end of the call that he was leaving Tesla.
Shortly before Vicha\’s departure, Tesla Senior Vice President Drew Baglino resigned and cashed out his $181 million in shares.
Baglino has worked at Tesla for 18 years and is a staunch supporter in the eyes of investors and analysts.
Rohan Patel, the company\’s vice president of public policy and business development, left at the same time as Baglino.
In his post, Otto wished everyone who was fired the best.
He wrote: I hope Tesla — and all employees affected by the layoffs — can get back on their feet soon.
If there\’s anything I can do to help, please feel free to ask.
He said he would not miss the company’s coffee.
What he will miss, however, are the people.

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