Snowflake rose 4.6% before the market opened. Q1 product revenue and second-quarter guidance both exceeded expectations.

Gelonghui, May 23 | Snowflake (SNOW.US) U.S. stocks rose 4.6% before the market opened, at $170.87

Special topic: Focus on the first quarter financial report of US stocks in 2024. Gelonghui, May 23|Snowflake (SNOW.US) US stocks rose 4.6% before the market opened, to US$170.87.
Snowflake\’s first-quarter revenue was US$828.7 million, a year-on-year increase of nearly 33%. Analysts expected US$786.3 million; adjusted earnings per share were US$0.14, lower than US$0.15 in the same period last year. Analysts expected US$0.17.
Product revenue was $789.6 million. Analysts expected $749 million.
The company forecast second-quarter product revenue of $805 million to $810 million. Analysts expected $787.5 million.

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