Musk says he\’s working on Chapter 4 of Tesla\’s grand plan

Musk said on Monday that he has begun work on the next phase of Tesla\’s Master Plan series, known as Part 4, the third part of which was announced last year.

Special topic: A-share market recovery is expected to continue the value style or continue to outperform growth. Musk said on Monday that he has begun the next phase of Tesla’s Master Plan series, which is the fourth part. The third part of the plan Part of it was announced last year.
Musk wrote on X that he is actively working on the fourth part of Tesla\’s grand plan. He said it will be epic.
This will be the continuation of Parts 1, 2 and 3 of the Tesla Master Plan.
So far, each master plan has outlined a business plan to advance sustainable transportation, home and commercial energy storage products, and deploy larger, grid-scale batteries and other renewable solutions.
It is unclear what the fourth part of the ambitious plan will include. The third part focuses on achieving a sustainable global energy economy through end-use electrification and sustainable generation and storage.
Musk wrote the first part of his ambitious plan in 2006, which briefly outlined the company\’s now iconic automotive business model. The second part of the plan was unveiled in 2016. The third part was unveiled last April.
Before Musk announced the fourth part of his ambitious plan, Tesla held its 2024 annual shareholder meeting last week.
At the meeting, Musk said that this conference not only opened a new chapter for Tesla, but also started a new book.
During Tesla’s recent first quarter 2024 earnings call, Musk also emphasized that the recent layoffs and restructuring were to prepare the company for the next phase of growth.

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