OpenAI releases flagship AI model GPT-4o: all graphics, text and audio are available for free

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Special Topic: OpenAI released its latest flagship model GPT-4o. The completely free voice function made a shocking debut in the early morning of Tuesday morning Beijing time. OpenAI released a new flagship generative AI model GPT-4o. The o stands for omni (omnipotent). Refers to the The model\’s ability to process text, speech, and video.
It has human-like conversational capabilities. Impressive.
GPT-4o improves text, visual and audio functions while maintaining GPT-4 level intelligence.
OpenAI chief technology officer (CTO) Mira Murati and employees Mark Chen and Barret Zoph demonstrated new audio conversation and visual understanding capabilities during a live demonstration.
OpenAI claims that the average response time of GPT-4o to audio input is about 320 milliseconds.
According to a 2009 study, this is similar to human reaction time in a conversation. Previous models typically had a delay of 2-3 seconds.
In addition to response speed, GPT-4o seems to easily capture emotions and adjust the tone and style according to the user\’s request. It even adds sound effects, laughter and singing to the response.
GPT-4o is more human-like GPT-4o takes an important step towards understanding human communication. Users can talk to them in a way that is close to natural.
It comes with almost every tendency in the real world, such as interrupting, understanding tone, and even realizing you\’ve made a mistake.
During the first live demonstration, the host asked GPT-4o for feedback on his breathing techniques.
He took a deep breath into the phone. ChatGPT responded humorously: You are not a vacuum cleaner.
It suggests using a slower technology that demonstrates its ability to understand and respond to human nuances.
In addition to having a sense of humor, ChatGPT also changes the tone of responses. It is done with different intonations while conveying thoughts.
Just like a human conversation. You can interrupt its conversation and correct it. Make it react or stop talking.
You can even ask it to speak in a certain tone, style, or robotic voice.
In addition, it can even provide translation services.
In the live demo. Two speakers on the stage. One speaks English and one speaks Italian. The conversation takes place through the translation of Chat GPT-4o.
It quickly translates Italian to English. Then seamlessly translates English replies back to Italian.
It is reported that Chat GPT-4o has improved in speed and quality in more than 50 languages.
OpenAI stated that these languages ​​cover 97% of the world’s population.
In addition to speech understanding, Chat GPT-4o can also understand visual effects.
For example, for an equation problem in the video, it can guide you on how to solve it.
In addition, it can also view live selfies and provide descriptions, including your clothing and emotions.
In the demo, Chat GPT-4o said the host looked happy.
Throughout the demonstration, Chat GPT-4o worked quickly. There was no effort in understanding and no inquiries were made.
Communication with Chat GPT-4o is more natural than typing queries.
You can talk to your phone naturally and get the response you want instead of searching on Google.
Samantha in the movie \”Her\”. If you think of \”Her\” (a movie about falling in love with the AI ​​virtual human Samantha) or other futuristic dystopian movies related to AI, you are not the only one. one.
Talking to Chat GPT-4o in such a natural way. Essentially OpenAI’s “Her” moment.
Considering it will be available for free on both the mobile app and desktop app, many people will probably have their own Her moment soon.
Although he did not appear in the live demonstration, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman made an important summary of the demonstration, saying that GPT-4o felt like the AI ​​in the movie.
He said: The new voice and video model GPT-4o is the best computer interface I have ever used. It feels like the AI ​​in the movie.
And, to me, it\’s still a bit surprising that it actually achieves human-level responsiveness and performance.
The original ChatGPT showed what was possible with language interfaces. But this new thing, GPT-4o, feels fundamentally different. It\’s fast, smart, fun, natural, and useful.
Talking to a computer has never felt natural to me; but now it feels natural.
With continued improvements in the future, I really see an exciting future where we can do more with computers than ever before.
Altman also said that when creating OpenAI, the original idea was to create AI and use it to create various benefits for the world.
But now, after creating AI, I hope to let other people use it to create all kinds of amazing things. Everyone will benefit from it.
Altman also said: OpenAI is an enterprise. It will find a lot of paid things. This will help us provide free and excellent AI services to billions of people.
New Security Risks This impressive voice and visual demonstration may have just scratched the surface of the possibilities of Chat GPT-4o.
While its overall performance and day-to-day performance in various environments remains to be seen, it\’s clear from live demonstrations that Chat GPT-4o is ready for future challenges from Google and Apple.
OpenAI said: Chat GPT-4o is our first model that combines all the above technologies. We have only scratched the surface of exploring the capabilities of this model and its limitations.
Murati acknowledged that Chat GPT-4o\’s real-time audio and imaging capabilities pose new security challenges.
She said OpenAI will continue to study security and solicit feedback from test users during iterative deployments in the coming weeks.
OpenAI said: Chat GPT-4o has also worked extensively with more than 70 external experts in the fields of social psychology, bias and fairness to identify risks that the new model may cause or amplify.
We use these experiences to strengthen security interventions to improve the security of interactions with Chat GPT-4o.
Once new risks are discovered, we will take steps to reduce them.
Prospects of GPT-4o One day before the start of the Google I/O conference, OpenAI released Chat GPT-4o, which gave us a glimpse of the truly practical AI experience that people want.
If the rumored collaboration with Apple comes true, Siri will be even more powerful.
For Google, it is almost certain that it will demonstrate its latest AI technology at the I/O conference on May 14.
Will it be strong enough to resist Chat GPT-4o? In a presentation that was less than 30 minutes long, OpenAI was unable to give any more live demonstrations of Chat GPT-4o.
Fortunately, it will be rolled out to users in the coming week and there will be no fee.

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