The three major U.S. stock indexes continue to reach new highs, with the Dow exceeding 40,000 points for the first time

U.S. stocks edged higher on Thursday, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average crossing the 40,000 mark for the first time

Special Topic: U.S. CPI in April showed inflation cooling, boosting expectations for a September interest rate cut. Check the latest trends. The U.S. stock market rose slightly on Thursday. The Dow Jones Industrial Average exceeded the 40,000 point mark for the first time.
As of press time, the Dow Jones Industrial Average reported 40008.809 points. The S&P and Nasdaq also continued to hit new highs.
The S&P 500 index is hovering near 5,315.
Walmart shares rose on positive outlook as the big-box retailer attracts shoppers looking for essentials and discounts.
GameStop and AMC Theaters both fell as the meme stock craze subsided.
Breaking through the 40,000-point mark is a huge psychological boost for bulls, because round numbers have a special meaning in people\’s hearts. Chris Zaccarelli, chief investment officer of Independent Advisor Alliance, said.
(The Dow broke through 40,000 points) This achievement demonstrates the power of capital formation, innovation, profit growth and economic resilience. John Lynch, chief investment officer of Comerica Wealth Management, said.
He said: Recent technical momentum and fundamental advantages, including earnings and interest rates, indicate further gains in the near future.
However, investors should be careful not to get carried away, as a combination of geopolitics, valuations and market interest rates could lead to sudden directional shifts.
Matt Maley of Miller Tabak+ says stocks broke out to new all-time highs again this week, albeit after a possible short-term respite. Another rise will put bulls in the driver\’s seat.
He said: If we see a short-term correction soon, the stock market still has a lot of room for maneuver.
In other words, the bulls are still completely in control, so a major reversal is needed to stop the upward momentum.
As the Dow Jones index heads towards 40,000 points, expectations of interest rate cuts and enthusiasm for artificial intelligence have boosted investor sentiment.
The U.S. CPI announced yesterday increased 0.3% from the previous month.
The index is a broad measure of the price of goods and services at the cash register. That was slightly below the 0.4% forecast by Dow Jones.

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