Feng Xiyun: Gold and crude oil staged a roller coaster trend with operational suggestions

[Gold technical analysis]: Looking at the gold daily line, gold previously shot up near $2,431 and then fell sharply by nearly $100. Although it rebounded, it was blocked near 2,400 until it opened last Friday due to the impact of Israel’s attack on Iran. Later, it rose to around 2417, and finally closed at the 2390 line. Gold failed to hit a new historical high. It continued to fall at the opening on Monday, with a sharp drop of 60 US dollars, and closed a big negative line. Overall, the trend is still bearish. The bottom is expected to test the support at the 2300 mark first, followed by the support near 2265.

Looking at the four-hour line, gold has been falling since the opening on Monday and continued to close down by 60 US dollars to around 2324. It was at a low level in late trading. Currently, the middle and lower rails of the Bollinger Bands are opening downwards. The price of gold is near the lower rails. The MACD green energy column is increasing. , the overall trend is still weak.

As the market currently postpones the expected time for the Federal Reserve to cut interest rates, some risks of imminent retaliation in the Middle East have been eliminated, and risk aversion has subsided, leading to some bulls taking profits. The current trend of gold is bearish, although the extent of the downside space is currently unclear. However, before there is no obvious support, it is better to be bearish first. On the whole, it is recommended that gold\’s operation idea today is mainly to rebound high, supplemented by falling back to lows. In the short term at the top, focus on the first-line resistance of 2336-2340, and at the bottom in the short term Pay attention to the first-line support of 2290-2296.

[Technical Analysis of Crude Oil]: Looking at the daily line of crude oil, the support was relatively obvious around 80.7 at the beginning of the week. On Tuesday, the increase reached 1.53%, closing a positive line with a lower shadow. Although it closed slightly negative on Wednesday, it did not continue the upward trend. But it is not enough to change its upward trend. The top is expected to stand at the 85 mark with a high probability.

Looking at the four-hour line, oil prices rebounded after testing the 80.7 line at the beginning of the week. They encountered resistance near 83.7 on Wednesday and fell back slightly. Currently, the three Bollinger Bands are running parallel, the oil price is above the middle track, KDJ is running downward after the death cross, and MACD has red energy. The column shrinks, and the short-term trend is weak.

Although part of the premium brought about by the conflict in East Asia continues to subside from the market, and crude oil prices once fell below the 81 mark, its impact on the crude oil market has not been completely eliminated. The unexpected decline in U.S. crude oil inventories has provided some support for oil prices. At present, it may There will be a wave of shocks. For intraday operations, you can refer to the 83.3-83.5 area for shorting and the bottom to around 82, or you can refer to the 81.9-82 area for longs and to see above 84.

On the whole, today\’s crude oil operation ideas suggest that the main focus is on the lows and longs, supplemented by the rebound from the highs. The top short-term focus is on the 83.6-84 first-line resistance, and the bottom short-term focus is on the 81-81.5 first-line support.

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