Manali Petrochemicals subsidiary appoints distributor for silicone oils in UK, Ireland

Manali Petrochemicals Ltd’s (MPL) subsidiary PennWhite Limited, UK, has announced a long-term agreement with KRAHN UK Ltd for the distribution of silicone oil in the UK and Ireland.

Manali Petrochemicals Ltd’s (MPL) subsidiary PennWhite Limited, UK, has announced a long-term agreement with KRAHN UK Ltd for the distribution of silicone oil in the UK and Ireland.

PennWhite Limited, based in Middlewich (UK), manufactures antifoam chemistry under the FoamDoctor brand and is a supplier of a portfolio of silicone oils under the PennWhite brand.

Tobias Tasche, Chief Executive Officer of PennWhite Limited, said, “We are incredibly excited about this recent agreement with KRAHN, as our organisations are very much aligned in our long-term goals and values.”

Andrew Lamb, Managing Director, KRAHN UK, said, “KRAHN is delighted to have reached this agreement as we see an increasing interest from our customers in premium silicone oils.”

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Manali Petrochemicals stock surged 4.30 per cent on the NSE to trade at ₹78.90 as of 2.13 pm.

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