OpenAI security team fled, insiders said trust in Ultraman collapsed

OpenAI’s artificial intelligence security team is facing a mass exodus, with key members resigning due to a loss of confidence in the company’s leadership

Special Topic: OpenAI personnel turmoil OpenAI’s artificial intelligence security team is facing a mass exodus due to a loss of confidence in the company’s leadership. Key members have resigned.
This week, OpenAI Super Alignment team leaders Ilya Suzkovo and Jan Lake announced their departures on the same day.
Sutskwo and Lake were key figures in ensuring that artificial intelligence was aligned with human goals. Their departures raised concerns about the company\’s future in artificial intelligence safety.
Since the OpenAI board attempted to fire CEO Sam Altman in November, at least five other employees focused on AI safety have left.
According to sources within the company, this failed expulsion caused employees who were concerned about AI safety to lose trust in Ultraman.
An anonymous source said: This is a process of trust collapsing bit by bit. It\’s like dominoes falling one by one.
OpenAI’s severance agreement with a non-disparagement clause also caused departing employees to remain silent.
Those who refuse to sign the agreement will forfeit their equity in the company. Potentially millions of dollars will be lost.
Former employee Daniel Kokotajlo, who refused to sign a severance agreement, was outspoken about the direction of the company.
He said: OpenAI is training more and more powerful AI systems. The goal is to eventually surpass human intelligence in an all-round way.
It could be the best thing that\’s ever happened to humanity. But if we\’re not careful. It could also be the worst.
Lake echoed Kokotailo\’s concerns in a post on critical point.
Altman posted on X to thank and affirm Jane Lake’s contribution and leadership in OpenAI.
He also stated that a longer post will be published in the next few days to explain OpenAI’s planning and what it has done for product security.

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