Goldman Sachs: Market fear of serious underperformance is back

Goldman Sachs: The market’s fear of materially underperforming is back. Wall Street News Goldman Sachs said it will start a dialogue on FOMU (fear of materially underperforming) this week.

Goldman Sachs: The market’s fear of materially underperforming is back. Wall Street News Goldman Sachs said it will start a dialogue on FOMU (fear of materially underperforming) this week.
The indicator seen as reflecting retail trading surpassed its high in January 2021.
Retail investor group stocks still achieved sharp gains throughout the week, indicating that the American people, the largest holders of U.S. stocks, had won the battle against short sellers.
Pay attention to SPY and QQQ next week.
U.S. stocks hit a record high this week. Stocks grouped by retail investors first surged during the week. Then the rally stalled. Traders are paying close attention to the flow of funds from retail investors in the stock market.
Scott Rubner, managing director of Global Markets at Goldman Sachs, wrote in a note to clients on Friday that the U.S. market has entered an active trading window for the 60/40 portfolio this week. I am starting to fear FOMU (fear of materially underperforming. severely lagging behind) to start a dialogue.
On Thursday, the proportion of OTC trading volume on platforms that matched broker orders reached 51.6%, exceeding the previous high of 50% in January 2021. This indicator is considered to reflect the trading situation of retail investors.
Rubner said: Remember, in the US stock market worth 78 trillion US dollars, the general public holds 39% of cash stocks. Including mutual funds and ETFs, it is as high as 65%.
In this case, I would typically take a smaller short position.
The rebound in retail investors\’ interest in U.S. stocks coincides with the outbreak of retail group stocks such as GameStop GME this week.
In the first two trading days of this week, the stock prices of GME and AMC both experienced triple-digit surges. However, from Wednesday to Friday, GME plummeted for three consecutive days. Traders sold their positions. As of Friday\’s close, GME was higher than Tuesday\’s intraday high. The decline reached 65%. AMC reached 63%.
Despite this, GME still rose 27% for the week and AMC reached 51%.
In this regard, Rubner said that the American people, the largest holders of U.S. stocks, have just won a victory against short sellers.
Watch for inflows into the S&P 500 ETF (SPY) and Nasdaq 100 ETF (QQQ) next week.
Risk Warning and Disclaimer The market is risky. Invest with caution.
This article does not constitute personal investment advice, nor does it take into account the special investment objectives, financial situation or needs of individual users.
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