Denza Z9GT debuts at Beijing Auto Show: first equipped with Yisanfang technology platform, overseas price may exceed one million

Sina Technology News On the afternoon of April 25, the 2024 Beijing Auto Show opened today, and Denza Motors unveiled its product matrix.

Among them, Denza Z9GT makes its world debut. The new car is positioned as an intelligent luxury flagship sedan and is equipped with Yisanfang\’s technology platform for the first time.

As the first model of Denza\’s new design concept \”Elegance in motion\”, the appearance of Denza Z9GT was led by Wolfgang Egger, design director of BYD Group.

Denza Z9GT is positioned as a D-class sedan, with body dimensions of 5180mm/1990mm/1500/1480mm, wheelbase 3125mm, and will be equipped with CTB battery body integration technology.

In addition, Denza Z9GT provides multiple lidar options and is equipped with the \”Eye of God\” high-end intelligent driving assistance system.

At the auto show press conference, Zhao Changjiang, chief co-creation officer of DENZA Motors, said that the DENZA Z9GT is equipped with the Jiyi Sanfang Technology platform.

Built based on the vehicle intelligence strategy, Yisanfang is the world\’s first technology platform that can simultaneously realize three-motor independent drive and original rear-wheel steering, taking into account both pure electric and hybrid vehicles.

The maximum power is nearly 1,000 horsepower, and it can accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometers in 2 seconds.

According to reports, Denza Motors named its product series after Denza\’s international name \”DENZA\” to create a globally unified product naming system, where \”Z\” stands for technology and extreme, and is a sedan series.

The arrival of Denza Z9GT, the first model of the \”Z\” series, further improves Denza Motors\’ existing product matrix, achieving full category coverage of MPVs, SUVs, and sedans.

It is reported that in the future, Denza Z9GT will not only be sold in the Chinese market, but also enter the international market, with an overseas price of over one million.

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