Lei Juncheng became the top performer at the Beijing Auto Show, and Zhiji CEO Liu Tao was ridiculed by netizens…

The 2024 Beijing Auto Show held a media day event today, and a number of car industry tycoons appeared on site to promote their products.

Although Xiaomi Motors was officially launched less than a month ago, Lei Jun has undoubtedly become the top performer at this auto show.

This morning, the Xiaomi car launch conference was crowded with people.

At the scene, Lei Jun said frankly, \”Xiaomi SU7 has become so popular after its release, I feel a lot of pressure.\”

\”I know what kind of test Xiaomi SU7 will face.

Sure enough, it was subjected to various \”tragic\” tests after its release, and everyone was using a magnifying glass to find various problems.

I am very fortunate that Xiaomi SU7 has basically endured it and finally developed into a good car that has been personally tested by millions of netizens and carefully selected by millions of netizens.\”

Lei Jun also generously responded to the phenomenon of \”friends and businessmen cutting off the rules\” – in the past four days, a lot of things have happened in the industry, including Tesla cutting prices across the board by 14,000 yuan, and friends and businessmen have issued various \”cutting off\” measures. In accordance with the order policy, however, the number of locked orders for Xiaomi SU7 still reached 75,723 units, and 5,781 units were delivered.

Lei Jun emphasized that in order to deliver as soon as possible, Xiaomi Automobile Factory is making every effort to expand production capacity. The standard version originally planned to be delivered at the end of April has been delivered to April 18; the Pro version, originally planned to be delivered at the end of May, is also speeding up.

It is planned that monthly delivery in June will exceed 10,000 units, which may be a new record.

Lei Jun also promised that through communication with the supply chain, he plans to complete the delivery of 100,000 vehicles by the end of 2024, so that more users who love Xiaomi cars can drive Dream Car as soon as possible.

Previously, when Zhiji Auto released the L6, it mislabeled Xiaomi\’s parameters, prompting Xiaomi to respond three times and demand an apology.

In the end, it ended with Zhiji Auto apologizing.

At this auto show, the Zhiji Automobile booth was very similar to the Xiaomi Automobile booth, and was ridiculed by netizens as \”official trouble.\”

While Lei Jun was talking eloquently at the Xiaomi press conference, a photo of Zhiji Auto CEO Liu Tao also circulated and was ridiculed by netizens.

According to social media reports, Liu Tao also responded to the previous controversy today.

He bluntly said that he is a straight man and should learn how to express himself.

I\’m sorry for the mislabeled data. It was not intentional. I hope everyone will focus on the product.

He also said that he admires Lei Jun very much. Zhiji has also changed his marketing strategy recently and will visit Xiaomi\’s booth when he has time.

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