Jufeng capital flow: The two cities maintained a narrow range of fluctuations, with 16.1 billion capital outflows!

Special topic: A-shares fluctuate and rise. Institutions expect that the stock index will remain volatile in the future. The market will continue to show shock adjustments on Thursday. The two cities\’ industries showed differentiation and partial rotation during the session, including warehousing and logistics, household products, medicine, chemicals, real estate, transportation facilities, Commercial chain, comprehensive, banking, environmental protection, electrical equipment and semiconductor industries are active, while media and entertainment, communication equipment, aviation, engineering machinery, daily chemicals, software services, Internet, diversified finance and other industries are weakening; in terms of theme sectors, PEEK materials, disperse dyes, titanium metal, silicone, sodium batteries, cobalt metal, solid-state batteries, sugar substitute concept, lithium batteries, weight loss drugs, generic drugs, innovative drugs, assisted reproduction, fertilizer concepts, vitamins, automotive thermal management, storage Topics such as chips showed intraday rotation, while topics such as intellectual property, knowledge payment, military informatization, industrial software, data rights verification, BC batteries, security services, superconducting concepts, virtual power plants, and smart grids showed weakness.

As of the close, the Shanghai Stock Exchange Index rose 0.27% to close at 3052.90 points; the Shenzhen Component Index rose 0.14% to close at 9264.48 points; the GEM fell slightly by 0.04% to close at 1764.73 points.

Judging from the flow of main funds in the two cities, as of the close of trading, the main funds in the Shanghai and Shenzhen cities showed a small net outflow, with a total outflow of 16.16551 billion yuan from the two cities.

Among them, the net outflow of super large orders was 5.53097 billion yuan, the net outflow of large orders was 10.63454 billion yuan, the net outflow of medium orders was 558.03 million yuan, and the net inflow of small orders was 16.72354 billion yuan.

Judging from the capital flow of industry sectors in the two cities, the chemical raw materials industry received a net inflow of 492 million yuan, the battery sector received a net inflow of 327 million, the logistics sector received a net inflow of 288 million, the banking sector received a net inflow of 232 million, and the coal sector received a net inflow of 232 million. The main players in the sector had a net inflow of 150 million.

From the perspective of the capital flow of individual stocks in the market, the top ten net inflows of major funds are as follows: Judging from the main capital flow of individual stocks in the two cities, BYD received a net inflow of 265 million, Changshan Pharmaceutical received a net inflow of 219 million, and Ningde received a net inflow of 219 million. Times received a net inflow of 196 million main funds, China Merchants Bank received a net inflow of 190 million main funds, and Haite High-tech received a net inflow of 160 million main funds.

Overall, the market continued to show shock adjustments, and the industries in the two cities reappeared in differentiation and partial rotation.

Recently, the market as a whole has been dominated by shock adjustments, and the short-term market has reappeared in structural conditions. The rotation of hot spots in the session and the rise and fall of one another have highlighted the current weak market pattern.

At present, the market continues to show range adjustments, with stock indexes fluctuating within a narrow range during the session, and differences in market funds exacerbating intraday sector differentiation.

The current market is still dominated by weak shocks and corrections. The Shanghai Stock Exchange Index continues to make market adjustments in the range of 3,000 to 3,100 points, and the market is facing greater resistance to the upward trend.

As the financial reporting season comes to an end, the market will enter a performance vacuum period in the later period, and future opportunities will be more inclined to sectors and themes with a rebound in market sentiment.

With the continuous efforts of policies to stabilize growth, industries such as promoting consumption and replacing old equipment with new ones are expected to make efforts again to promote the recovery of the industry\’s prosperity.

In addition, topics such as new productivity, low-altitude economy, and new energy tracks will continue to be the focus of market attention. Under the current weak situation, it is recommended that investors pay attention to the structural opportunities of intraday hot spots in the short term and plan for consumption under the expectation of economic recovery in the mid-term. Theme Opportunities.

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