Nissan launches 5 new energy concept cars based on Chinese users and will cooperate with Chinese companies to apply AI and other intelligent technologies

Sina Technology News On the afternoon of April 25, the 2024 Beijing Auto Show opened today. Nissan unveiled a full range of electrified models, including 5 new energy concept cars, and released a new brand proposition.

Makoto Uchida, President and CEO of Nissan Motor Company, said: “The Chinese market is undergoing tremendous changes.

Nissan needs to respond quickly and stay competitive.

Therefore, under the guidance of Nissan’s new strategic plan ‘The Arc Nissan Arc Plan’, Nissan has tailored a balanced and focused strategy specifically for the Chinese market.

We will make concrete progress through three pillars: first, launch more new energy vehicles; second, fully combine local advantages and global capabilities; third, change the operating model.

In addition, in order to meet the personalized travel experience of every ‘NI’, Nissan has launched a new brand proposition ‘Enjoy by NI’.

These initiatives will help us realize our commitment of ‘in China, for China’.

” According to the latest release of “The Arc Nissan Arc Plan”, Nissan Motor is actively deploying development in the fields of intelligence and electric drive, launching the next generation of ProPILOT super intelligent driving technology, enhanced NCM lithium-ion batteries, LFP batteries and all-solid-state batteries (ASSB ) and other measures.

Among them, in the Chinese market, it plans to renew 73% of the Nissan brand product lineup by fiscal year 2026, and launch 8 new energy vehicles, including 5 Nissan brand models.

In order to better meet the needs of Chinese consumers for future travel, Nissan has launched five new energy concept models based on the needs of Chinese users and equipped with pure electric and plug-in hybrid technologies, namely: Nissan Epoch concept car, Designed for young users in urban and suburban use scenarios; the Nissan Epic concept car is suitable for urban couples who like to explore on weekends. It is a pure electric SUV with autonomous driving functions; the Nissan Era concept car is suitable for people who regard cars as As a \”second residence\” for young business people, it is positioned as a plug-in hybrid SUV; the Nissan Evo concept car can meet the entertainment needs of the whole family and is positioned as a plug-in hybrid vehicle; the fifth new energy concept car is based on the \” Suspense\” appeared at this auto show.

In addition to the above five new energy concept cars, the Nissan Hyper Force pure electric concept car and the Nissan Hyper Punk pure electric concept car made their debut in China at this auto show, and the Nissan Formula E Gen3 racing car also appeared on the same stage.

In addition, in the Chinese market, Nissan is actively expanding partnerships and applying smart technologies such as AI to inject products and services.

By cooperating with leading companies in the field of intelligence in China, we will bring intelligent systems and artificial intelligence-based travel services to users in China and around the world.

Nissan also released a new brand proposition at this auto show – \”Excitement by NI\”.

Nissan said that in the face of fierce market competition, it will abide by its commitment to \”in China, for China\”. Inspired by its new brand proposition, Nissan will focus on the Chinese market and integrate and create together with global resources.

Focusing on technology, products, services, etc., we will accelerate the transformation to intelligence and electric drive.

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