What to Expect at International CES

What Is A Trade Show?

Trade shows are common occurrences in many different industries. A tradeshow is pretty much a meeting that usually lasts a few days. This allows attendees to learn more about a specific industry. During a trade show, companies of the industry can set up exhibits to show off their services and products. Sometimes, trade shows even have presentations and ceremonies to highlight innovations and changes in the industry.

Expect at International CESBenefits of Trade Shows

Because trade shows are meetings tailored specifically to an industry, this is a great place to network. Companies gather in the convention center, not only to show off their products and services but to see what else is being done in the industry. Since all of these businesses are looking for the same thing, it is the perfect way to interact and build a business network. Some companies might even be looking for the next big invention to invest in.

What is International CES

International CES is a trade show designed to highlight innovations and companies associated with consumer technologies. This is one of the largest trade shows for this industry, showcasing thousands of exhibitors from all over the world. This upcoming year, the International CES will begin on Tuesday, January 7, 2014. The trade show will last four days, effectively ending on Friday, January 10, 2013. The consumer technologies event of the year will be hosted in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Conferences are scheduled throughout this trade show so that keynote speakers can present some of the most innovative technology and products being developed. Attendees can expect to hear tech titans such as the chief executive officer of Intel or the Chairman of Audi AG. The president and CEO of Sony Corporation are also scheduled to speak at one of these exciting conferences.

Events and Awards

One of the highlights of the International CES trade show is the awards and events. Attendees can expect to see award programs such as CES Hot Stuff Awards and even a Mark of Excellence Awards. The awards of International CES are designed to point out the industry’s best in products, customer service and innovations. Awardees can be business that developed the product or specific people and innovators.

Special events are also scheduled to make the trade show more interesting. On the first day of International CES, the CES MoDevHackathon will be held. This event will challenge mobile developers to design and develop a specific app, competing for over $100,000 in cash prizes. Another fun event scheduled for the trade show is the Last Gadget Standing. The competitors will give product demos to gain the rights to be called the “most likely to change the face of technology.”

Show Floor

The show floor is where exhibitors will be set up. Companies from all over the world will have booths to show different products and services offered.On the show floor, attendees can expect to see such items as a replacement power cord designed by an electrical supply company.  Exhibitors can explain future technologies and concepts they’re looking into developing, gaining interest from possible investors. The attendees are allowed to mix and mingle, developing new business contacts and a wider business network.


To make the most out of your time at the International CES, you must do some homework. The number of attendees and the sheer volume of products displayed can be overwhelming. Browse the floor plan and event schedule before hand to give yourself a useful roadmap and personalized agenda.

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