I want to get on the train after three consecutive positive days in Hong Kong stocks, but is it still too late?

Faced with such a situation, many people may want to ask: Can the current Hong Kong stock market still get on board? The answer is yes: in time.

\”One yang changes three outlooks. If one yang is not enough, there will be three yangs.\” The most discussed topic in the domestic market this week must be Hong Kong stocks. Its popularity even surpassed dividend assets in the short term. Data shows that as of April 24 At the close, Hang Seng Technology and Hong Kong Technology 50 ETF (159750) have both risen by about 8% this week. Although the gains are somewhat weak today, the momentum of the bullish arrangement has been formed.
Faced with this situation, many people may want to ask: Can the current Hong Kong stock market still get on the train? The answer is yes: in time.
On the one hand, Hong Kong stocks may be \”really different\” this time.
First of all, the most \”criticized\” problem of Hong Kong stocks – liquidity, has shown signs of reversal in the near future. The reason is that the five cooperation measures for Hong Kong introduced by the China Securities Regulatory Commission last Friday have relaxed the investment of mainland investors in Hong Kong stocks. Restrictions have introduced live water to Hong Kong stocks to a certain extent. Data shows that as of Tuesday, \”South Water\” has experienced net inflows for 16 consecutive trading days, the first time since 2016. Secondly, Hong Kong stock companies have frequently received good news recently.
Since the beginning of this year, companies that everyone is familiar with, such as Tencent, Alibaba, etc., have delivered a beautiful report card in terms of performance, and have even increased their efforts in repurchases and dividends, especially the \”top student\” Tencent, which may still be in the future. There is a broader performance space.
Take its recently officially announced mobile game \”DNF\” as an example. As early as May 2020, its number of reservations exceeded 30 million. Although its style and elements are full of outdated atmosphere, players cannot tolerate it. They love it. Data shows that within 8 months of the launch of the Korean server \”DNF\” mobile game, the cumulative revenue has reached 1 billion yuan. Some professionals estimate that the \”DNF\” mobile game is expected to bring 50-50 billion yuan to Tencent in 2024. With a revenue of 10 billion, Tencent also focused on it at the 2023 financial report analysis meeting. It can be said that it is a hit.
On the other hand, everyone should not be intimidated by the previous trend of Hong Kong stocks.
Keynes once said: The market will continue to be irrational longer than you can sustain it.
This reminds us not to be intimidated by the temporary weakness of the market. Many good investments are made during \”bad\” times, such as Buffett\’s investment in the Washington Post and Howard Marx\’s increase in bond holdings in 2008. .
The current Hong Kong Technology 50 ETF (159750) and China Concept Internet ETF (513220) may be at such a moment. You may wish to calmly analyze the investment value of its constituent stocks and future profit expectations. I believe you will make the right investment decision. .
Author: Money Bag Detective Agency

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