Feng Xiyun: Analysis of foreign exchange, gold and crude oil trends

April 25, [Gold technical analysis]: Judging from the gold daily chart, today’s trend is that gold has peaked in the mid-term and is bearish. Technically, the gold daily K-line has been negative for two consecutive times, with a decline of 90 points. The current hourly line and 4 The opening of the Bollinger Bands in the hourly chart diverges downward, and the SAR parabolic indicator releases a bearish signal. The green kinetic energy column of the MACD indicator in these two cycles has increased in volume. At the same time, the daily MACD indicator has also turned into a green column and gradually increased in volume. Today\’s trend is undoubtedly bearish.

Today\’s European and American trading resistance focuses on the 4-hour MA5 moving average at 2315, followed by the 1-hour Bollinger Band mid-track position at 2320. Above, look at the suppression range formed by the hourly SAR extension point of 2328 and today\’s high of 2334.

In terms of support, pay attention to the lower track of the hourly Bollinger Bands and the lower track of the 4-hour error band coinciding with the support point of 2290. The lower track of the hourly error band is located at the 2283 line. If it breaks below, look directly at the defensive support range of 2265-2260.

On the whole, it is recommended that today\’s gold operation thinking is mainly to rebound from high altitudes, supplemented by falling back to lows. The top short-term focus is on the 2332-2337 first-line resistance, and the bottom short-term focus is on the 2300-2295 first-line support.

[Technical Analysis of Crude Oil] Technical Analysis of Crude Oil: Although crude oil fell sharply on the daily chart after rising high last Friday, it rebounded and closed positive after testing the 80.7 line on Monday. It continued to fall to the 80.9 line on Tuesday and then rebounded to close above 83. The current trend It is on the strong side and is expected to continue to rise, with the upper side looking at the 85.7-86.2 area.

Looking at the four-hour line, the European market fell back at the 83 mark yesterday and once fell to 80.88 US dollars per ounce. The US market began to strengthen and continued to rebound, eventually pulling it above the 83 mark. Currently, the upper rail opening of the Bollinger Bands is moving upward, and oil prices are near the upper rail. , the MACD red energy column is increasing, and the short-term trend is relatively strong.

Although part of the premium brought about by the conflict in East Asia continues to subside from the market, and crude oil prices once fell below the 81 mark, its impact on the crude oil market has not been completely eliminated. At present, it seems difficult for WTI crude oil to fall below the strong support of the 80 mark. The short-term is expected to continue to strengthen. For intraday operations, you can consider entering the market in the 82.4-82 area, and look to the 84.5-85 area above.

On the whole, today\’s crude oil operation ideas suggest that the main focus is on the lows and longs, supplemented by the rebound from the highs. The top short-term focus is on the 84.5-85.0 first-line resistance, and the bottom short-term focus is on the 82-81.5 first-line support.

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