• Zhang Yaoxi: Gold is under pressure and fluctuating, crude oil is paying attention to mid-week rail support to maintain upward movement

    On April 25, today, Thursday, the opening of gold was affected by the efforts to stop the decline in late overnight trading, and the downward trend slowed down and stopped falling. The U.S. dollar index rebounded in early trading due to the weakening of short-term moving average pressure, which provided support for it; however, overall, There is still some room for decline in the daily chart of the U.S. dollar index. We need to pay attention to the mid-line support. The weekly chart is also expected to fall further and hit the 5-week or 10-week moving average support before rebounding again. Therefore, for the gold price, it will stop its decline in the short term. rebounded and then fell into a consolidation pattern. The 10-year U.S. bond yield has clear bullish prospects and signals in the daily, weekly and monthly charts, which will limit the bullish momentum of gold prices. Therefore, the gold price outlook will be volatile and weak. Pay attention to the range formed by the upper and lower rails of the Bollinger Bands on the daily chart….

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  • Jin Yixu: Gold continues to be bearish after a correction of 2330

    On April 25, yesterday, gold in the U.S. market rose again under the stimulation of risk aversion. However, the good times did not last long and gold turned downward again, indicating that there are still heavy resistances above. Gold was only rebounded by the stimulation of risk aversion and did not. Bringing a reversal to gold, since the trend has not changed, gold\’s early rebound will continue to be short. The 1-hour moving average of gold is still in a short position. The 1-hour gold rebounded to a high of around 2337 in the US market yesterday, but it quickly came down, leaving a long upper shadow line. Gold is still full of resistance above 2330, and has not really effectively broken through to stand at 2330. Today Continue to go short at 2330. Early trading operation ideas: Gold is short at 2330, stop loss at 2338, target 2300-2290; Analysis of the latest crude oil market trend: On Wednesday (April 24) in the U.S. market, U.S. crude oil fluctuated within a narrow range, currently trading around $83/barrel . Oil prices…

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  • Huihai Legend: Today’s gold operation suggestions, sharing of Shanghai gold and silver trend ideas

    On Thursday, April 25, during the Asian session, spot gold fluctuated within a narrow range and was currently trading around $2,318. As the conflict in the Middle East de-escalates, the gold and silver markets are correcting, and the key question is whether these corrections will turn into a near-term downward price trend, thus signaling that a market top has occurred. Market focus is back on economic reports and the Federal Reserve. If we see overheating inflation data, it will be more difficult for the Fed to cut interest rates. Although the Federal Reserve has stated that it is in no rush to cut interest rates and expects the high interest rate policy to continue for a period of time, high interest rates and the pressure to raise interest rates are a thing of the past. The Federal Reserve\’s continuous violent interest rate hikes in 2022 have not brought down the price of gold, but have remained at a high and wide range. Shock. Now it is even less likely to make it fall sharply. Therefore, we cannot expect the price…

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  • Yang Zhenjin: How to layout gold and silver when they are in shock. Today’s latest trend analysis and operational suggestions

    Market interpretation: On Thursday, April 25, during the Asian session, spot gold fluctuated within a narrow range. The price of gold stabilized above the 2,300 mark on Wednesday, closing at $2,315.80 per ounce. The risk premium caused by tensions in the Middle East has eased, and investors are paying close attention. U.S. economic data will be released later this week, which may provide clues on the path of the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates. Gold and silver markets are correcting as conflicts in the Middle East deescalate. The key question is whether these corrections will turn into a near-term downward price trend, thus signaling that a market top has occurred. Market focus has returned to economic reports and the Federal Reserve. If the inflation data is too hot, it will be more difficult for the Federal Reserve to cut interest rates. The main economic focus this week will be the first-quarter gross domestic product (GDP) data released on Thursday and the March personal consumption expenditures (PCE) price index due to be released on Friday. Previously released consumer price inflation…

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  • Li Lianyang: Going deep into gold is the sea. Latest crude oil trend analysis and strategies

    On April 25, after a brief market adjustment, the current congestion of gold and silver trading eased significantly, but the bullish direction of the market remained unchanged, and the total positions were still positive. According to the latest report of Huatai Futures Company, gold futures positions increased by 8.467 billion yuan on the 24th, a month-on-month increase of 3.88%, ranking first among all varieties of positions on that day. Despite the short-term adjustment in gold prices, institutions are not pessimistic about gold\’s mid- to long-term outlook. Xu Ying, chief macro analyst at Orient Securities Derivatives Research Institute, said that in the medium to long term, high interest rates and rising inflation pose downward risks to the U.S. economy. Financial market volatility is also increasing. The Fed’s balance sheet reduction scale is facing adjustments, and monetary policy will eventually enter an easing cycle. Under the trend of anti-globalization, the importance of gold allocation is increasing, which forms the basis for the long-term rise of gold. In the context that the long-term rising logic has not changed, investors can wait for better…

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  • Huang Lichen: Gold is under pressure and fluctuating, waiting for US GDP and inflation data

    Yesterday, April 25, we believed that the situation in the Middle East was gradually stabilizing, concerns about the escalation of conflicts had subsided, and the Federal Reserve had suppressed expectations of interest rate cuts, which put pressure on the price of gold. Gold was under pressure and fluctuated, and there was still a risk of a fall. However, considering that the Federal Reserve will Interest rates will be cut at this time, and the situation in the Middle East is still tense. The bargain hunting of gold may limit the downward trend of gold prices. Therefore, it is recommended to treat the operation in a volatile manner. The upper pressure will focus on $2,324, followed by $2,334. The lower support will focus on $2,314, followed by 2,300. Dollar. Judging from the subsequent trend, before the U.S. market opened, gold fluctuated and came under pressure, falling as low as $2,311. After the U.S. market opened, gold fluctuated and rebounded, rising to a maximum of $2,337. After encountering resistance, gold fluctuated and fell back, falling to $2,313 and stabilizing. At the opening…

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  • Xu Gucheng: Gold and crude oil are on a roller coaster trend. Can it break the trend today?

    April 25, Gold: Yesterday, the Asian market tested the high of 2330-2331 twice, and before the opening of the European market, it fell due to inertia and tested the low of 2311 twice. The US market began to exert force, and the market broke through 2337. There was a technical adjustment in the late trading, and the final closing was 2313. Nearby, the market first pulled up below 2322 in early trading today and then the market crashed three times. Now it has fallen below the early key defensive support of 2311, and the market has weakened. As of press time, gold has found its lowest near 2305. Today\’s fundamentals 20:30 The number of initial jobless claims in the United States for the week to April 20 and the initial annualized quarterly rate of real GDP in the United States in the first quarter. This round is expected to be 2.1%. Also look at the actual personal consumption expenditures in the first quarter of the United States. The initial value of the quarterly rate and the initial value of the…

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