Huang Renxun’s latest interview: AI will not completely replace human work

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang believes that artificial intelligence will change the world, but human jobs will not disappear.

NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang believes that artificial intelligence will change the world, but human jobs will not disappear.
In an interview broadcast on Sunday night local time, Huang said that as artificial intelligence helps companies, they will naturally expand.
He said: Workers work for the company. Therefore, when the company becomes more efficient, profits will increase.
I\’ve never seen a company grow profitably without hiring more people.
Huang Renxun said. Even if some jobs are eliminated, I believe you still want humans to participate. Because we have good judgment. Because there are some situations that machines cannot understand.
When touting the computing power of Nvidia\’s latest GPU chip, Blackwell, Huang said that when it comes to the capabilities of artificial intelligence, the sky is the limit.
We hope it will surprise us.
This is the point.
In some fields, such as drug discovery, designing better materials that are lighter and stronger.
We need AI to help us explore the universe in places we can\’t on our own.

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