Everbright Futures’ today’s view: The market fluctuates within a narrow range, pay attention to the release of GDP data

In the absence of major data on Wednesday, COMEX gold fluctuated slightly and showed signs of stabilizing.

To judge the trend of gold prices, the market pays close attention to the first quarter GDP of the United States to be released on Thursday and the core PCE data to be released on Friday, hoping to judge the strength of the U.S. economy from the GDP data, combined with the core PCE inflation indicator that the Federal Reserve is particularly concerned about. to adjust interest rate cut expectations.

If the trend of GDP data on Thursday is the same as that of Tuesday\’s PMI data, showing a weak trend, it is expected that interest rate cut expectations may be restored to a certain extent. The price of gold may fluctuate and strengthen in the short term. Pay attention to the disturbance of changes in the geopolitical situation on the market.

In addition, it should be noted that the May Day holiday is approaching, the Federal Reserve interest rate meeting will be superimposed on non-agricultural data, the macro environment will be relatively complex, and the volatility of the gold market may increase again. Be wary of the impact of unexpected data releases on the market.

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