• Musk releases an all-employee letter announcing that Tesla will lay off 10% of its global workforce

    Musk sent an all-staff email this afternoon, saying Tesla will lay off 10% of its employees worldwide. Earlier, foreign media reported that some employees said the layoff rate may be as high as 20%. However, according to verification, Tesla’s official all-employee letter was released at around 3:00 pm on April 15th, Beijing time, confirming that the layoff ratio would be 10%. Some media asked Tesla store employees in China to confirm the news. The other party said that they had not received the notification yet, but it would not have an impact on the business. Tesla has more than 140,000 employees worldwide, according to a December filing with regulators. Entering April this year, a new round of “price war” among car companies has begun. According to incomplete statistics, more than 10 brands have successively launched preferential activities since April. In addition to price reductions, consumers are attracted through various methods such as price reductions for additional equipment, separation of vehicles and electricity, and replacement subsidies. With Xiaomi Motors’ first car officially launched, priced starting at 215,900 yuan, new entrants have…

    US stock news April 15, 2024