The Buffett Shareholders Meeting is about to be held, and the Sina Finance Sino-US Investors Reception will be held on May 4th.

On May 4, 2024, Buffett’s shareholder meeting will be held as scheduled, but this time there will be no assist from golden partner Charlie Munger.

Special topic: 2024 Buffett Shareholders Meeting Reception for Chinese and American Investors May 4, 2024. The Buffett Shareholders Meeting will be held as scheduled. This time there will be no assist from golden partner Charlie Munger.
Can Buffett continue to write a legend?
After Munger\’s death, can Buffett\’s successor Abel take on the important role? How to face shareholder torture? In the afternoon of that day, the 9th Investor Reception hosted by Sina Finance will be held at the Marriott Hotel in downtown Omaha [222 North 10th Street, Omaha].
The reception is the largest and most influential networking event in Omaha.
Investment elites, heads of public and private equity funds and securities firms in China, and executives of listed companies will all attend and share their views, starting a high-quality dialogue.
Let us take part in this beautiful spring in May and explore the wisdom and foresight of investment.
In the spring breeze of Omaha, we will gain insight into global investment trends and also let the world pay attention to the style of Chinese brands.
Sina Finance looks forward to your joining and going on this investment pilgrimage with you.
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