Released the first \”Low Carbon Medical Action Guidelines\”, Yingkang Life Insurance further promotes low carbon operations

Recently, the \”Seventh Hospital Logistics Development Conference and Hospital Logistics Equipment, Technology and Service Exhibition\”, guided by the Hospital Construction and Equipment Branch of the China Medical Equipment Association and sponsored by Zhuyi Tai, was officially held. The conference aims to improve the sophistication of the overall hospital operations. and informatization to help build smart hospitals, safe hospitals, and green hospitals.

At the scene, Yingkang Life, a listed company under Haier Group\’s big health ecological brand Yingkang Life, released the \”Low Carbon Medical Action Guidelines\”.

According to industry experts, this is the first action guideline for the mainland medical industry to integrate low-carbon and medical care.

Hospitals are an important area of ​​medical carbon footprint and an important scenario for achieving medical carbon peak and carbon neutrality.

According to \”HEALTH CARE`S CLIMATE FOOTPRINT\” released by Harmless Medical, the carbon footprint of the medical sector in various countries around the world accounts for an average proportion of national carbon emissions of 4.4%. The top ten medical system emitters account for 75% of the total global health care emissions. China ranks second in the global medical carbon footprint with 17% of carbon emissions.

As China\’s medical industry continues to develop, China\’s medical carbon emissions will still be on the rise in the short term.

If there are no corresponding measures to control carbon emissions, global carbon emissions will reach 6 billion tons per year by 2050, which is three times the carbon emissions in 2014.

In line with national strategies and the needs of various stakeholders, Yingkang Life has continued to explore low-carbon operations for medical institutions in recent years.

The \”Low Carbon Medical Action Guidelines\” released this time are guided by the banner of \”carbon peaking and carbon neutrality\” and use practical actions to fulfill social responsibilities.

The \”Low Carbon Medical Action Guidelines\” introduce practical knowledge of hospital carbon accounting, state the main steps of basic carbon accounting for hospitals, enumerate energy conservation and carbon reduction measures, empower hospital energy conservation management, and further save operating costs while effectively reducing carbon emissions.

“Promoting hospitals to move toward carbon neutrality must be done step by step.

\”Lu Pin, head of logistics support for Yingkang Life Medical Services, believes that it can be divided into six major steps. The first is to establish a hospital carbon management organization, formulate the hospital\’s carbon reduction goals, and determine the hospital\’s short, medium and long-term carbon reduction plan; the second is to determine the scope of the hospital\’s carbon emissions. Carry out carbon accounting and set up carbon reduction paths and implementation nodes; the third is to implement carbon reduction and energy saving paths; the fourth is to regularly conduct carbon accounting and evaluate the carbon reduction effect; the fifth is to continuously improve and maintain the practical carbon reduction plan; the sixth is to report and disclose .

Only when a hospital has established a complete low-carbon action framework can it understand its carbon emissions and continue to reduce carbon emissions.

Taking the third step of implementing carbon reduction and energy saving paths as an example, Yingkang Life has recommended many carbon reduction paths in the \”Low Carbon Medical Action Guidelines\”, including equipment and facilities, lighting systems, office supplies, vehicle management, catering management, heating, ventilation and Air conditioning systems, water consumption, boilers and pipes, etc.

In terms of water consumption, Yingkang Life recommends \”recycling reusable sewage and treating gray water for irrigation or landscape water replenishment.\”

In Shanxi Yingkang Lifetime General Hospital, a member of Yingkang Life Ecology, the hospital introduced water recycling and wastewater irrigation systems to produce pure water through water treatment equipment and supply it to places such as laboratory departments and operating rooms that have high water purity requirements, but cannot meet the requirements. The wastewater from medical water is recycled and used as green space in the hospital, green plant irrigation, etc., achieving an annual water saving of 12,000 tons.

In the future, Yingkang Life will continue to promote the integration of green technology and industrial innovation, explore low-carbon operation plans for medical institutions, use practical actions to help implement dual-carbon goals, and achieve the dual improvement of high-quality corporate development and social value.

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